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Why the Wolf of Wall Street Can Be Your Ultimate Motivational Movie

Everyone has heard of The Wolf of Wall Street. Not only was it a blockbuster film, but it also has an extravagant plot filled with fun adventures. The best part of the movie is that it was based off of a true story of Belfort and his investment firm, Stratton Oakmont. 


Wolf of Wall Street Quotes Canvas

If you want to become as successful as The Wolf of Wall Street, then here are a few lessons you can learn from this iconic movie: 


  1. Become friends with your employees.

All the people who worked under Jordan Belfort were willing to give their lives for the company. Since Belfort befriended all of his employees and gave them a fraternal work environment, it was easy to gain their trust and make them work extremely hard for his company. Instead of letting your subordinates feel like you are their boss, it is important to develop strong bonds with your team. Even outside of work, Belfort was able to maintain individual relationships with each one of his employees. As the bond became closer, the employees became more willing to work harder for the company. 

From this lesson, you can learn to motivate your team by always having a friendly environment in the office. Don’t let people think they are working for you – instead, make them feel like they are working with you towards a common objective. 


  1. Don’t pass judgments based on the past.

It can be easy to judge or eliminate people from your team due to their past experiences. Even if your team is filled with people who lack experience and expertise, you should focus on their personality and work ethic instead. Belfort hired multiple ‘wrong’ people for his organization – but it all proved to be in his favor at the end. Since Belfort gave these people an opportunity to prove their worth, they felt indebted and thus worked even harder for his company. 

If you need to hire someone or delegate a task, don’t be afraid to give the most unqualified person a chance. People do change for the better, and sometimes that can benefit you in unimaginable ways. As an entrepreneur, don’t be afraid to take a chance on people without judging them based on their past. 


  1. Dress for success

At Stratton Oakmont, employees were asked to always be well-dressed in suits and ties. Not only did this give way to discipline, but it also improves one’s self esteem and allows them to perform better. Belfort went the extra mile and ordered tailor-made suits for the employees at Stratton Oakmont, but you can just start by asking your employees to always be well-dressed. 

When you walk into an office where each employee is dressed in suits, there is a sense of professionalism and displays a positive image. In terms of team building and motivation, feeling good in your own clothes can contribute towards higher productivity levels because it increases your willingness to work. Achieving goals in an organization becomes fairly easy when you find everyone dressed for success already. 

If you are looking for some motivation to always be dressed in a fancy coat and tie, this Wolf of Wall Street Art Canvas can keep you inspired. If you wake up every day and read the quote, “Don’t sleep like you’re rich, work like you’re broke”, you will always remember exactly the kind of unmatched success that you are working for. 


  1. Go to social gatherings. 

Even though the social gatherings in The Wolf of Wall Street were somewhat problematic, there is no denying that they contributed towards establishing a firm corporate culture. When a team is able to spend time together outside of work and enjoy themselves, it can result in great team-building and increased motivation for everyone. Stratton Oakmont was always creative with event planning, so it is important to be as innovative as possible when it comes to getting your team together. 

Consider planning a fun adventure together or a going on a vacation – something that other workplaces do not normally do. By creating a sense of exclusivity in a team, you can easily motivate yourself and the people around you. 

Remember that social gatherings do not need to result in a bad reputation for your company or the employees. Like Gary Vee says, “Reputation is the ultimate currency.” If you want to keep paying your bills, keep your reputation intact. 


  1. Be careful with sacrifice.

When it comes to running a business or establishing a career, some people are very quick to make incredible sacrifices for it. Others, however, do not want to compromise at all and always put their career as a second priority. To understand which end of the spectrum is better, you can take inspiration from Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street. While people who looked at his success and lifestyle assumed that he was filthy rich since the start, the fact is that he had to make many sacrifices to get there. 

Not each sacrifice is worth it. Belfort had to go through a divorce, ingest drugs, and even treat people poorly in an attempt to become successful. He hurt the people that he cared for and ultimately lost them as well. In this case, sacrificing your personal life for a career is certainly not the key takeaway. While it may sound easy to make toxic decisions that could result in instant rewards, it is important for entrepreneurs to avoid such impulses and act rationally. To hustle is one thing, but to make your entire life about your career is certainly another. 

Instead of throwing away your values for success, learn to integrate the two parts of your life. That way, you can skip the emotional detriment faced by Belfort, and go directly to the throne of success. 


Wolf of Wall Street Canvas

  1. Don’t take life too seriously.

It is easy to become overwhelmed with work and responsibilities. The Wolf of Wall Street, however, teaches us the incredible lesson of not taking life too seriously. Belfort was never afraid to make a crazy decision – regardless of the consequence. Instead of giving in to the stresses of being an entrepreneur, it is important to enjoy the journey as much as you wish to enjoy the success and money. 

Speaking of money, this Wolf of Wall Street Pop Art can be an artistic and aesthetic reminder for you to always chase your goals. 

As an entrepreneur, it is important to take the leap of faith. Even if you do not succeed in your pursuit, at least you can have an enjoyable experience. 

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