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How Did Gossip Girl’s Prada Marfa Sign Became The Best Seller ?

Prada Marfa Sign/Poster For Sale

When you hear Prada, you think of the luxury brand that has a series of items to offer their customers. Now, you might or might not have watched the Gossip Girl, a fictional TV show based on the Upper-East side of Manhattan. In the show, one of the main character, Serena Van Der Woodsen’s home has a large Prada Marfa sign that was built using exceptional plexiglass and oozes a sense of elitism in every way possible. Ever since, it is has proven to be a highly demanded art form that many people wish to add to their homes.


Where Did It All Began?

Now, the Prada Marfa sign comes later. The inspiration of creating that sign was mainly because of the structure art that was created by the famous artist duo Ingar Dragset and Michael Elmgreen. The two initially had created a structure on the US Highway 90 which looked identical to an actual Prada store. It is a faux store with similar architectural and interiors to that of the actual Prada store. 

You will find that the store structure and the store sign is almost identical to the Prada Marfa sign that you get to see everywhere else. There have been countless copies of the sign as an inexpensive alternate to having something like this in one’s home. It became a quintessential for every teenager to want to have this sign in their homes when the drama was airing, but as Netflix added this show to its list of shows, there is more rage for this than ever. 

The Prada Marfa store was created by the artistic duo. Not only is this recognized as an iconic structure and sign across the world, but it was also selected for the Art Production Fund show to showcase the public art to a great audience. The sign was then created as a piece of art based on their creation of the faux Prada store.


The Presence Of The Sign In Gossip Girl 

When we talk about the sign in Gossip Girl, you will find that it was almost always there in every episode. Lilly Bass bought this piece of art to be displayed in a very obvious spot, so every time you would see anyone walking in to the Van Der Woodsen’s home, you would see this Prada Marfa sign pop up. 

It was always in the background and even if you do not pay too much attention to it, you will be able to remember it instantly when you think of gossip girl or the outlook of the Van Der Woodsen’s home. 

Gossip Girl came out in about 2007 and that is when everyone got to see this simple yet unique sign. Everyone wanted in on it. The show ran till 2012, and you can see how much of a craze it left. There have been countless copies made of the Prada Marfa sign because of how unique and different the piece of art is. 

While it might seem too simple for many, it does have a symbolic meaning for those who have watched the show and hold it close to their hearts. Because of the show, the Prada Marfa sign could be seen everywhere. People were interested in adding it to their homes, getting different colored variations made, and so much more. 

The sign might not have been the core of the show, but it surely did leave in impact on the viewers. There were higher sales for these signs around 2009, as the TV show viewers had spiked up by this time. The influx of viewers led to higher demands of these Prada signs throughout. 

 Prada Marfa Black Luxury Wall Art

Beyoncé’s Picture In Front Of The Store 

The hype only increased when Beyoncé also posted picture of herself in front of the faux Prada store on the Highway. With millions of followers of this celebrity, it only added to the overall demand for wall art that was all about the Prada Marfa sign and store. 

You can also get your hands on the Prada Store canvas easily as you will be able to find it at Musaartgallery. The presence of the sign in the show ignited the need for every fan to have this in the corner of their homes or even in the main living areas. This brought in influx in the demand and production of the sign. Platforms such as Etsy was large on selling this sign. However, the quality would definitely not be the best available. 

You will also find the Prada canvas available in different colors now, especially the black variation. While the Gossip Girl hype has died down, the sign is something that one can add to their home as a simple décor item or wall art, and nothing more. 


Why Would Anyone Want To Buy The Prada Marfa Sign?

The Prada Marfa Sign is no doubt one of the most iconic things that have surfaced from the show. While most others things have deteriorated, the show itself, the sign is still pretty much loved by many. Whether it is the simplicity or the slight edge it has in its simplicity, you will still find plenty of places offering you these signs as wall arts and more. 

The Prada Marfa sign is linked to Gossip Girl to a great extent, but it has somewhat grown out of it as well. You will find many people not knowing about the linkage of the two, yet want the piece of wall art for aesthetic reasons. More than that, you will find that the sign is a common addition to many homes because of the look that it brings with it. 

While initially the sign got a lot of attention because of the Gossip Girl show, it has become a kind of statement piece that many add to their homes now. From becoming a viral through Pinterest and YouTube, the sign is now something that people add to their homes for the visually pleasing outlook it has to offer the viewers. 


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