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Why KAWS Companions Are So Unique?

In the art world, it's rare for a new artist to emerge and become an overnight sensation. It usually takes years of hard work before someone can reach that point. For KAWS, the journey was surprisingly quick. In just over 20 years since he first started drawing on walls in New Jersey and New York City with graffiti moniker "Kaws," Brian Donnelly has become one of the most influential artists working today. His work is coveted by collectors and celebrities alike - including Kanye West, who commissioned 12 large-scale paintings from him last year worth hundreds and thousands of dollars apiece - but what makes his paintings so unique?

kaw canvas


Who Is KAWS?

KAWS is a street artist and designer from New Jersey. He has made a name for himself in the art world with his unique style, which includes using bright colors and cartoon-like figures. His work has not gone unnoticed by the upper echelons of society, as he's collaborated with brands like Supreme and Nike. But what makes KAWS canvases so special? Well, they are hand-painted on canvas rather than printed! This allows KAWS to create paintings that can't be replicated elsewhere - it's truly one-of-a-kind artwork. The artwork is so unique that you could just see and tell that it is a KAWS piece.

10 Things to Know About Kaws:


-KAWS is Not His Real Name

KAWS is not his real name. He was born Brian Donnelly and decided to change his name in the 1990s when he began tagging walls around New Jersey and NYC with graffiti tags like "Risky" or "Seafood."

-He started His Career as a graffiti artist

KAWS started his career as a graffiti artist tagging walls around New Jersey and NYC with the name "Risky" or "Seafood." He's been drawing since he was young, but only began to take things more seriously in high school. He went on study illustration at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan before dropping out after just one semester. Despite having no formal training, KAWS developed an instantly recognizable style that combined elements from Disney cartoons (Mickey Mouse is one of many artists who inspire him) and Japanese manga comics like Astro Boy and Hello Kitty. His work draws on these sources for inspiration but adds some darker tones while always maintaining its playful aesthetic - which explains why even Kanye West appreciated him.

-He Sold a Lot of KAW COMPANION Toys

KAWS has sold a lot of KAW COMPANION toys, which are his own spin on the classic Mickey Mouse design. Before he was selling canvases to celebrities like Kanye West and Jay Z for hundreds and thousands of dollars apiece, he could be found wandering around New York City selling plush versions of "his" character - which combined elements from Disney cartoons (Mickey Mouse is one of many artists who inspire him) and Japanese manga comics like Astro Boy and Hello Kitty -- out of a shopping bag at art shows.

-There Is a 121 Ft Long Inflatable Version of KAWS' COMPANION

KAWS has a 121 ft. long inflatable version of KAWS' COMPANION installed at Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour during Art Basel. It is anchored by 40 ton weight. It has been previously seen in Taipei and Seoul and is known as KAWS: HOLIDAY.

-He’s big on Instagram

KAWS has big on Instagram. He's currently followed by more than 3.5 million people! His Instagram following is just one aspect of his popularity, he is famous on all major social media platforms. Social media has helped to increase his popularity all over the world. 

-KAWS and the comparisons to Basquiat and Haring

KAWS has been compared to Basquiat and Haring. In 2005, KAWS’ work was featured in the “Art in the Streets” exhibition at MOCA (the Museum of Contemporary Art). The show included works by many influential street artists like Shepard Fairey (who designed Obama's Hope poster) and Banksy, among others. In addition to that He is still really into graffiti art. Although he doesn't do as much graffiti art these days, but it can be seen on his Instagram page for those who are interested enough! 

-He Has MODIFIED Many Cartoon Characters

He is known to change different cartoon characters into KAWs. Not even a single cartoon is safe from him. He does it in his unique way to make them stand out. He has even made a version of Disney princesses like Cinderella and Aurora!

-He once designed a float for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

In 2012, Kaws designed a float for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The giant inflatable was seven stories high and featured his iconic character alongside some of the other iconic characters like Sonic the Hedgehog and the inspiration for KAWs Companion, the Mickey Mouse.

-Collaborations with the Big Names

Not only has KAWS collaborated with other artists from different walks of life, he has also collaborated with different brands. Whether its fashion music, shoe wear, clothing lines or any other business, you would find KAWs collaborating with a lot of these brands. Some of the major brands KAWs has collaborated with are Supreme, Bathing Ape, Nike, Dior, Campana Brothers and even Kanye West.



-His work sells for as little as $15 and as much as $2.4 million

People may tell you that the Mona Lisa is worth millions of dollars or the last supper may also be worth millions of dollars but who determines this worth? To be honest, art is always subjective and so is its value. One person looking at the art may see nothing and the other person may see a world in the small canvas. However there is a lot of effort and time that goes into making an art piece. It is a lot of work and thus costs a lot. There is meaning behind every art and that meaning also adds to the value. KAWs has been able to sell some of his art work in the upwards of 2.4 million dollars. He has also sold some pieces for as low as $15. So when people say that KAWs art work is expensive they don’t realize the fact that he process them based on the effort, value and meaning of the art. If the art piece has strong meaning behind it then it would definitely be more expensive. 

Asap Rocky Dior Kaws Canvas

-His work is truly one-of-a-kind artwork

KAWS' work is truly one of a kind artwork! It's most certainly worth checking out - they are selling fast at galleries around the world! Like I said earlier, it can be seen on his Instagram page if you're interested enough to do so.

He has done many exhibitions all over US and other parts of the World as well like London etc. He has also been involved in collaborations with brands such as Bape, Uniqlo and Medicom Toy. He has also designed many sneakers for Nike and Adidas as well!

-What Makes KAWs Art So Unique?

KAWS art is unique because it's hand-painted on canvas. This allows the artist to create paintings that cannot be replicated elsewhere - another one of a kind piece of artwork! The KAWS style tends towards bright colors and cartoon like figures, but his work has not gone unnoticed by those in upper echelons as he collaborates with Supreme and Nike frequently. One of the major pieces of KAWS is the one that has KAWS companion in it.it is a clown like figure that is inspired by Mickey Mouse with the face of the figure covered with both hand and then two bones are sticking out of his head. You can also find a Kaw Canvas at our online store MusaArtGallery.

-Why Are They So Expensive?

Many people believe that KAWs companions are too expensive for their taste. They love the design but they just can seem to buy them because of their high price. Well you can find an amazing and high quality ASAP ROCKY DIOR KAWS CANVAS for only $99. Since they are all hand painted canvases, this means there can only ever be one original painting created for each design - which makes them very limited edition pieces indeed, thus driving up their value (and desirability) even further. To date, some of his most expensive works include "Companion (Passing Through)" which went for $15,000 in 2006 and "After the Party" which sold at an auction for a whopping $38,500!

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