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11 Lessons Of Success To Learn From The Great Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort is an inspirational personality for many. Whether or not you like him, we cannot deny that he is an exceptional salesman. If he weren't, then they wouldn't have made a movie about him.

The Wolf of the Wall Street is a biographical film about Jordan Belfort. Leonardo Dicaprio astonishes us by playing the role of this man. Both the movie and the life story of Belfort have taught us great lessons.

Today we are going to share the 11 lessons of success we learned from Jordan Belfort. Here is everything you need to know about them.

jordan belfort canvas

1.In The Face Of Adversity Never Lose Hope

Jordan Belfort started his career by landing a job at a top stockbroking firm. It was one of the best places for young brokers to make tons of money. However, then Black Monday hit, and Belfort's life crashed.

The clever salesman lost his job in just one day. Despite that, he didn’t lose hope. Instead, he looked for a solution and found it. He turned his life around by selling some worthless stocks for high commission. This allowed him to make a small fortune.

Of course, you don't need to follow everything Belfort did. That is because it would be foolish. However, the lesson here is that Jordan built his life again from scratch. Nevertheless, he had hope, and he used his wits to find a way out of his jobless situation.

Hence whenever you face adversity, take some inspiration from Belfort. Do not panic and spiral about what will happen to you or your family. Instead, try to relax and look for solutions. Once you figure out a way, you can come out wiser and stronger than before.

A study also shows that figuring out solutions is highly beneficial for health. So don't lose hope in stressful situations and keep your mind calm. After that, you can think clearly and realistically.


2.Understand Your Goals

Setting goals is one of the best ways to achieve them. That is because you know what you want. However, Belfort added something more to this. And his advice makes a lot of sense and is highly useful.

Jordan believed that to achieve your objectives, you should know where you want them to take you. Unless you know this, you can never be entirely sure if you have accomplished your goal. That is what makes this lesson a handy tip for success.

You should think deeply about your future and follow precise steps to get there. Writing them down can help you a lot. According to a study, you are 42% more likely to accomplish your objectives if you note them. So always pen down your goals.

Besides that, you should write ways you plan to accomplish your objective. Once you have a clear understanding of your future, you can bring your vision to life. It will also remind you every day about what you still have to achieve.

One way to not lose focus on your goals is by seeing them often. You can get a vision board and place some motivational art on it. Additionally, you put the list of your dreams on it too. Seeing them every day will encourage you to accomplish them.


3.Execute Your Ideas

The firm Stratton Oakmont became successful because of two reasons. Firstly, Belfort came up with a clever and practical idea. He wanted to train young under-educated individuals to speak like professionals stock brokers.

Of course, Jordan's idea was not legal, but that is not the point. The lesson here is that he came up with a strategy and executed it. His technique worked, and he was able to make his firm rise in Wall Street.

So while you should not follow his illegal ways, you can learn from his actions and mistakes. Whenever you come up with an idea, be sure to let your team and seniors know. After that, you should also work hard to implement your strategy.

Once you start executing your ideas, you can achieve success. As per research, there are many ways to implement your strategies effectively. The critical thing to keep in mind is to follow through with your actions.

Belfort achieved success with ease because his work ethics were sensible. Additionally, many people on Wall Street had the same idea as him. However, he was the first person to execute it. So never let an opportunity pass because of fear of failure.


4.Simplify Things

The great Jordan Belfort built a successful and competent team out of inexperienced individuals. He was able to do this because he kept things simple. Belfort never wasted time and was always clear with directions. Effective communication helped him turn his firm into an accomplished one.

In any career path, it is essential to have good communication skills. When you give clear instructions to junior and other team members, work gets done promptly. The key is to keep things short and to the point.

A study also shows that having excellent communication skills leads to success. In meetings, when you go in-depth, others can lose focus. Not only that but explaining too much is counter-effective too. That is why always simplify things when working as a team.

By keeping the conversation concise and clear, you can save time. Besides that, as a leader, this is an essential skill. You cannot achieve success without teamwork. And of course, that is not possible if you can't communicate well.

 wolf of wolf street canvas

5.Be Passionate About Your Work

It is no secret that money was Jordan's passion. Of course, it is not always the preferable thing to be passionate about. However, for Belfort, earning a fortune was what drove his actions. Regardless of the consequences, he managed to achieve success.

So whatever job you have, just remember to be passionate about it. Because if you don't have passion for your work, then you cannot achieve success. It will cause you to lack the motivation required for the tasks. Not only that, but you might up end up regretting your decisions later.

Hence always pursue your passions when it comes to making a career. That is because when you love your job, the desire to rise comes itself. For example, Jordan had a passion for working on Wall Street and earning money. This allowed him to make a fortune.

According to a study, doing things with passion makes your life decisions more fulfilling. When you work passionately, you can motivate others to do the same as well.


6.Look Well For Success

In any career field, it is essential to dress professionally. You cannot become a successful businessman by wearing old shirts and trousers. When you dress well, you can feel more confident and assertive. This is what Belfort used to do.

The salesman wore fancy suits and always appeared successful even when he was jobless. Appearance can have a significant impact on your career. Various studies also confirm that people who dress well feel more confident. And this is what is required to accomplish professional success.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is the "Act as if" mantra of Belfort. He advised his staff to act like wealthy people, and one day they will become rich. This, of course, instilled confidence in his team and allowed them to work efficiently.

So never let your financial status define your appearance and personality. Always look the part, and you will be able to achieve success with ease. Besides that, dressing well can open up many career opportunities for you.


7.Know Your Market

Jordan Belfort was a salesman. He knew everything about selling. Not only that, but he knew his market extraordinarily well. That is one of the reasons why his firm became successful in a short period.

In any business field, it is essential to know your audience. You should research what products are in demand. Additionally, you should learn more about your competitors as well. That is because they are a part of the market too.

Once you understand the business well, you come up with innovative ideas. And, of course, by executing them, you can take the first step to climb the ladder of success. Initially, this might seem a daunting task, but it isn't.

You should keep in mind that the only person who can stop you from accomplishing success is you. So always encourage yourself rather than focusing on negative things. One way you can do this is by getting this "Jordan Belfort canvas.

The piece of art has his famous quote on canvas which will surely encourage you. As long as you understand your market as Belfort did, no one can stop you from making your dreams come true.


jordan belfort canvas

8.Learn From Mistakes

Belfort was a firm believer in learning from past mistakes. He believed that people who don't learn a lesson from their errors repeat them. That is why he never used to ignore his mistakes.

Besides that, we are humans and bound to make errors. Sometimes these can even help you learn better. According to research, students who make errors while studying grasp information better. This applies to other aspects of life too.

You can learn from your past mistakes in many ways. For example, to improve, you should look at the previous events and remember what you did wrong. Besides that, you could read case studies of mistakes other people as well.

Once you learn from your errors, you can grow professionally. Not only that, but it will prevent you from repeating them.


9.Don’t Do Drugs

The drugs we are talking about here are the non-prescription ones. Jordan Belfort lived quite an adventurous life. But he used to be negligent at times as well. And, of course, this led to troubles in his life.

For example, once Belfort consumed expired drugs. Because of this, he almost destroyed property. Additionally, his absent-mindedness led to business loss as well. Belfort got a little lucky because he was not charged by law enforcement.

However, the lesson here is that you may not get lucky as Jordan did. That is why you should avoid drugs in your life. They only cause harm and can lead to severe troubles.

Even a study has highlighted the impact of drug and alcohol abuse. So avoid misusing pills in your life. They may help you focus and relieve stress. But in the long term, they hold power to destroy your professional and personal life.


10.Establish A High Reputation

One of the many reasons behind Belfort's success was that he earned a well-reputation. No one doubted that working at his firm would help them make a lot of money. By advising his employees to dress well, Jordan was able to display a successful image.

While it is true that Belfort was involved in illegal acts, too but he never let them come to light initially. Of course, you should not follow his ways of earning through illicit methods. But you should take a lesson from his technique of establishing a good reputation.

You should work hard to accomplish success. Not only that, but you should ensure that people will only hear good things about you. As long as you are well-reputed, you can rise in your field quickly.


11.Speak Well In Public

Jordan Belfort was a master in speaking publicly. He had a way with words and was able to sway people using them. Not only that, but he used to be confident at all times.

Additionally, Belfort could turn poor situations into positive ones. Of course, he was able to do this because of his creative mind. Not only that but his speaking skills were excellent.

So if you want to achieve success, then you should learn from him. If you can't communicate well, you must take classes. Once you gain the confidence to speak publicly, success will come to you.


Final Words

That was all you need to know about 11 lessons of success to learn from Jordan Belfort. He did earn his fortune illegally, but these 11 lessons are things he got right in life. That is why you should practice them too.

If Belfort inspires you, then you should get motivational art to remember his lessons. We guarantee that you'll love the "Wolf of Wall Street canvas” and “Jordan Belfort canvas." 

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