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The Greatest Lessons to Learn from Michael Jordan

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Nobody can deny that Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player to exist. Even for those who don’t have a keen interest in sports, the life of Michael Jordan is inspirational enough to look up to him. To become as good in something as Michael Jordan, there are a range of skills that you need to develop. A powerful mindset is the most important aspect of becoming successful – especially in the hustle culture of the 21st century. When you know that you have the capability to become good at something, you will keep working towards it consistently until you achieve remarkable results. 

Since Michael Jordan is a role model who has inspired multiple generations, here are a few valuable lessons to learn from his incredible life.


1.Accept Failure.

Failing is inevitable. You will not always be the best at everything and that is okay. Michael Jordan famously said, "I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed."

The important thing to focus on is that successful people do not allow failure to overcome their thoughts. Making mistakes is natural, but it is vital to always learn from your mistakes and never repeat the same mistakes again. 

If you start learning from mistakes early in your career like Michael Jordan, you are likely to become successful at a young age. If you really want to be in Forbes’ 30 under 30 list, then you cannot let failure get the best of you. Instead, you need to take responsibility, analyze your mistakes, and learn valuable lessons from them.


2.Try Again

Once you fail, it is easy to just give up on your dreams entirely. Many people treat setbacks as a way to let their ambitions go. Instead of taking this pessimistic approach, Michael Jordan always inspired people to try again. He only became the most famous basketball player of all time by never giving up, even when he failed or felt like his efforts were not producing the results that he wanted. 

As an entrepreneur, you will always run into some sort of setback or challenge that makes you feel like all your hard work is just not worth it. Instead of letting this thought get to you, it is essential to gather your thoughts together and stay committed towards what you want to achieve. After all, trying again is the only way to be successful in the long run.

Like he said: "To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail."


3.Practice Every Day

Discipline is important. For Michael Jordan, all of his success can be attributed to how he set realistic goals for himself that were achievable if he worked hard enough. Instead of only looking at the bigger picture of ultimate success, he broke down the process into smaller steps that paved the path towards victory. 

In a world where every skill can be learnt and every worker can be replaced, it is important to bring a unique talent to the table. As an entrepreneur or businessman, it is important to master a skill to perfection. Instead of being satisfied with the mediocre, one should practice and learn new things every day to work towards self-improvement. Being consistent and working hard is one thing but committing to your goals every single day is a completely other thing. Successful people don’t take any days off – they practice every day. 

Like David Goggins said, “Nobody cares what you did yesterday. What have you done today to better yourself?”


Michael jordan quote canvas

4.Enjoy the Process

It is easy to become so consumed with the end result that you forget to cherish the little moments. Michael Jordan was having fun at every game, regardless of the outcome. This approach helped him remain consistent and motivated towards becoming the best basketball player in the world. 

When you make life easier for yourself, you can perform much better. It is important for entrepreneurs to find something that they enjoy and appreciate every step of the process towards success. One should not be a billionaire to finally be happy, even closing your first business deal is significant enough to be satisfied with what you are doing.


5.Don’t Hold on to Expectations

When you work consistently towards something, others start to expect many things from you. Your family may start expecting you to earn more in the future, and your employees may expect higher stipends next year. Instead of letting these expectations get to your head, you should learn to let them go. Michael Jordan taught us that expectations are one of the biggest hindrances to achieving success since they keep you stuck in the same place forever. 

For entrepreneurs, it is important to never listen to what others expect of you. As long as you have a plan for yourself, you should be aware that you can work towards success without being validated by those around you. After all, even the lone wolf is able to get things done correctly.


6.Take Action

It is easy to dream about everything you want to achieve, but what are you doing about it? Michael Jordan said that there is a difference between people who want and wish for something to happen, and those who actually make it happen. Instead of spending all your time devising the perfect plan, just take action. You can waste all your time dreaming about perfection yet achieve nothing if you don’t know how to practically put your dreams and ambitions into practice. 

Once you take action, you will never be reluctant to take action again. Regardless of the outcome, taking action will either help you towards achieving unmatched success or serve as a valuable lesson that can help your decision-making skills in the future. 

Gary Vee infamously said, “It’s easy to dream about it… Much harder to execute it… Work!” 


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Final Words

When you put all of these lessons together, you have the recipe for success. Following Michael Jordans legacy can help anyone create a path towards success. Remember that everything is possible, as long as you have a strong desire to make it happen. To honor the legacy of Michael Jordan, consider getting this Michael Jordan canvas print that can remind you everyday about his incredible success – giving you all the motivation you need to achieve your own goals. 


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