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Everything That You Need To Know About Street Art And How It Has Evolved

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As you walk across different cities, you will find a range of color throughout the walls. There is so much street art present across the world that you are sure to find yourself appreciating the finer details that go into creating such masterpieces. The Street Art Movement has been in the works since a long while now and it seems to be growing as the years pass. 


What Is The Street Art Movement?

The Street Art Movement is a long standing method used by street artists. You will find that initially it was a way of scratching or tagging names on public places. The concept of street art has evolved ever since. Rather than vandalizing property, there is a much greater movement at play with the use of street art. There is so much detail into what is placed on to the walls of the streets; it is not just mere images that just anyone paints up. 


Street Art Vs. Graffiti

One thing that you must know is that street art is much different than graffiti. It started in the 1970s and it has been growing ever since. The presence of graffiti enabled many artists to take different forms of art to the street. Essentially, you will find that street art is usually given permission to be painted on the walls. Painters even get commissions for the paintings that they create. Street art is mainly images based as opposed to Graffiti, which is mainly word-based. More than that, there is more need for control in the mechanism for graffiti artists than street artists. 


Street Art And Diversity

When it comes to street art, you will find that there is so much diversity present in each one of them. There are so many different styles of street artists and the art they put up is beyond beautiful and diverse. Almost every country has street artists that take to the walls their expressions in forms of images and more. 

There are new pieces coming in every day because of the large number of street artists present in today’s world. This wasn’t always the case. Now, there is no limit as to what an artist can put up on as street art for millions to view and enjoy. It is full of different cultures and diverse in all aspects that one can imagine. 


Top Five Street Artists And Their Street Art Presence 

When it comes to prominent street artists, let’s have a look at the top five to know about how they came into the field of street art and what some of the exceptional pieces are.


1.Mr. Brainwash

Mr. Brainwash’s real name is Thierry Guetta, but people are more familiar with the prior. He is a French-born artist who has taken to the streets to create some of the best street art present in today’s time. While initially he was not into creating art, he was keen on becoming one in the 2000s.

The artist has sold many works and one went on to sell for about five figures. While many believe that he has something to do with another street artist, Banksy, there is no relevant connection between the two. He has been noted to be one of the brightest and exceptional street artists and has been in the works with multiple other artists for their art needs.


2.Jean-Michael Basquiat

Next, we have Jean-Michael Basquiat who is another renowned street artist. While he passed away in the 1980s, his work is still applauded in various places around the world. He was essential in the neo-expressionism movement that allowed him to create extremely intense street art.

His painting included social commentary and it was always commented on the Black history, the power structures present, and more. It was a different kind of view when one saw his paintings filled with extreme details about how he felt.


Alec monopoly canvas print


3.Alec Monopoly

Next, we have Alec Monopoly. You will find that this artist is an artist that started his work from New York and has gained a lot of popularity ever since. He makes use of the main character of the Monopoly board game, Mr. Monopoly. 

You will find that his works, such as the Alec Monopoly Umbrella, have the Monopoly character as the main subject. It is quite a symbol to make use of in his paintings. And you will find them all to be exceptional on their own.



Next, we have Banksy. This England-based street artist has remained anonymous as his identity is yet to be known. You will find that he has left quite a mark in the street art movement with his satirical work that covers a range of social and political issues. 

You will find that he has some popular works by the names Hearts Wall and Life is Short that are loved by viewers. His paintings are quite phenomenal and you will find that each holds a different meaning  that he is trying to convey. He was essentially inspired by graffiti artists to start his own street paintings.


5.Keith Haring

Lastly, we have Keith Haring. He was perhaps one of those early artists who got inspired from graffiti and took to the streets to create magnificent art pieces. His work is quite diverse and majorly covers his push towards social activism. One of his more renowned collections is known to be as the Dancing Man.

You will find more colorful and exceptional murals created by this highly skilled street artists. While he died in 1990, his work lives on and influences others to focus on the social structure of the world.


Keith Harring dancing man


There have been countless artists who have been adding more to the street art movement. Their works don’t go unnoticed. Add a piece of street art to your home by choosing from a range of exceptional pieces available at Musaartgallery. From Keith Haring to Banksy, you’re sure to find it all there. So, hurry up and get your hands on some of the best street art pieces available.

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