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Mike Tyson: An Incredible Source Of Motivation

Mike Tyson motivation canvas


Whenever we want to follow our dreams or pursue a new hobby, we always look up to people that inspire us. These people teach us the importance of chasing our dreams because they made theirs come true. Mike Tyson is one of those people who encourages everyone to stay fit and turn their dreams into reality. 

That is why many people have Mike Tyson wall art in their homes to motivate themselves. Here is everything you need to know about this incredible source of motivation and what we have learned from him. 


A Glimpse Into Mike Tyson’s Life 

It is essential to understand someone’s back story when looking for motivation. Mike Tyson was a notorious kid who used to quarrel with everyone during childhood. By the time he was 13, he had been arrested thirty-eight times for multiple petty criminal activities such as stealing and much more. 

Because of Tyson’s bad behavior, he ended up in a reform school where he met Bobby Stewart, a counselor. While everyone didn’t like Tyson, Stewart looked at him differently. He thought that Tyson was incredibly confident and decided to introduce him to boxing. 

Of course, Stewart introduced him to boxing on the condition that Tyson would study well and stay away from bad activities. Tyson agreed, and for months he studied boxing and his school subjects with the utmost discipline, which raised his physical and mental abilities. 

After training Tyson for six years, Stewart introduced him to other professional boxers, where he met D'Amato. They both bonded instantly, and their relationship grew from teacher and student to father and son. They trained every day. 

With such self-discipline and hard work, Tyson became one of the top heavyweight champions. However, he did serve time in prison, and after that, his career was not as big as before, but he still managed to win many fights and is still beloved by many people. 


Four Motivational Tips To Learn From Mike Tyson 

Now that you know Mike Tyson's story, here are the top motivational tips we learned from him during his career:


1.Adapting To Change 

One of the most famous quotes by Mike Tyson is that “Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth.” You will see this quote on many Mike Tyson motivational canvas that people hang to motivate themselves. However, everyone can learn from this quote. 

He meant by this quote that we all have plans in life, but none of them go the way we want them to. However, our strength lies in adapting to changes and rolling with the punches that life throws at us. Instead of feeling hopeless or sad, learn from the experience and develop new skills to make you resilient for whatever happens next. 

Tyson did not let anybody stop him. Even after serving so much time in prison, he came back stronger than before and boxed his way through everything. So, no matter what life throws at you, stay adaptable and accept the change.


Mike Tyson motivation canvas

2.Practice Affirmations  

Mike Tyson used to practice affirmations daily from an early age. When he was 13 or 14 years old, D'Amato would make Tyson go through daily affirmations, including him saying he is the most ferocious fight God ever created and much more. Even in his book, Tyson explains D'Amato had a daily routine of visualization, hypnosis, and affirmations to help him. 

All these practices never go in vain. There has been a lot of research into affirmations lately, and even science agrees that's self-affirmations can enhance performance. So, if you wanted to stay motivated, even you can practice affirmations at home. 

You can hang a Mike Tyson canvas in your room to remind you of the affirmations you need to practice daily. Doing so will help you stay on track, and you will be motivated to become successful in no time.


3.Never Worry About Other People’s Opinions 

If Mike Tyson listened to other people's opinions, he would never reach the heights of success. That is because everyone that knew him misunderstood him and saw him as one of the bad seeds. However, he never cared, and it didn't matter to him what people thought of him. 

If you also want to dream big and achieve those dreams, you have to let go of the narrow-minded opinions of other people. You need to understand yourself the best and work on yourself to get everything you need. If you listen to criticism from other people, it will negatively impact your personal and work-life. 

What people say is a reflection of themselves and not you. So, never take these things personally and let these opinions go. The only person you need to prove something to is yourself.


4.Let Go Of The Past 

The past doesn’t exist. What exists is the present moment, which you need to focus on entirely. If you fret too much about the past, you will never move forward. 

Mike Tyson never spoke about the past. Even in an interview with Brandon Steiner, a sports journalist, Tyson refused to talk about his favorite fight. When asked why he explained that it was pointless to dig into the past no matter if it was good or bad. 

So, just like Tyson, if you want to stay motivated, you will have to start living in the present moment. Don't let past mistakes and failures bring you down and prevent you from succeeding in the future. Instead, focus on the now and align yourself with habits that will help you reach your dreams in no time. 


Mike tyson motivation canvas


Final Words 

That was everything you need to know about Mike Tyson and the motivational tips we have learned from him during his career. If you need a reminder of these tips, you can always opt for our Mike Tyson wall art to hang in your home. It will remind you why you need to keep going and following your dreams no matter what the people around you say. 


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