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How To Become A Great Leader ? 13 Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills Now

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13 Ways to Improve Leadership Skills

Leadership is the key to success in every field. Before you can start working towards a specific vision, you need to inspire yourself first. If you are highly motivated yourself, you can pass on that desire to others around you. 

Leaders should be able to provide direction to their team. Even in stressful times, a good leader is always able to find a solution and give the team a way to reach the goal. Successful leaders often have a roadmap of what they want to achieve before they even begin. 

If you want to be a good leader, here are 13 ways to improve your leadership skills:


1.Take Decisions

No matter how difficult a situation is, a leader should always be able to take a decision and stick to it. Making decisions can be tough, especially when the outcome is unknown. Despite the risk factor, a successful leader is one who knows when to take a decision and to implement it effectively. Like Tony Robbins said, “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”


2.Start from Basics

If you think you can only practice your leadership skills once you have a managerial role, then you will never learn to become a good leader. Instead of waiting for the perfect time, it is important to start working on your leadership skills from where you are right now. When opportunities arise to take responsibility, you can take the initiative and volunteer as the leader in a team. These situations can be the perfect way to test the waters before you step into executive roles where leadership skills are essential. Through small steps, you can slowly build towards your ultimate leadership quality.



Before you can inspire and lead others, you need to become more critical of yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself questions that analyze your own strengths and weaknesses. By knowing your key talents and areas where you lack, you can easily work towards developing leadership skills that can help you tackle setbacks more effectively in the future. 

Remember that good leaders are not those who pass commands, but those who know how to set an example for their team. Take inspiration from this Boss vs Leader motivational wall art that visualizes exactly what you need to do to become a good leader.


4.Read About Leaders

Inspiration is everywhere. Perhaps you can look up to someone who has been your leader in the past and learn from their abilities. By having a leader to look up to, you can easily determine the key qualities you need to develop in order to become a successful leader someday. You can even find inspiration from this quote by Tony Robbins: “Any time you sincerely want to make a change, the first thing you must do is to raise your standards.”


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5.Become a Good Follower

Instead of only focusing on being a good leader, you also need to be a good follower. If you have a leader to report to, make sure that you are following their instructions and learning everything that they teach you. By being a good follower, you can gain an incredible sense of discipline that will help you in future leadership positions.


6.Invest in Leadership Training

There are many courses and workshops available that can help you build leadership skills. Most of these are focused on building confidence, increasing knowledge, and giving you a passion to inspire and lead others. Whenever a leadership training program is offered, do not hesitate to apply for it. This can be classroom training, workshops, simulations, and even on-the-job training. Such training courses will help you learn how to achieve results through delegation, how to manage teams, and how to keep your team motivated and inspired.


7.Practice Communication Skills

When you are in a leadership position, communication skills are essential for you to inspire your team into achieving results. By practicing your communication skills from the very beginning, you can learn efficient ways to share information with others and strengthen work relationships. Through effective communication, leaders are able to increase productivity levels, encourage collaboration, and learn to keep their priorities in check.


8.Collaborate with Others

Before you can lead an entire team, you need to be a team worker yourself. If you work in a professional environment, take opportunities that help you collaborate with colleagues on team projects where you must work together to achieve a common objective. Collaboration will help you gain insight on the importance of knowing how to delegate work, manage resources, and support your entire team.


9.Be Innovative

If leaders are unable to bring creativity and innovation to the table, they can often fail to achieve their goals. As technological advances continue to amaze us, it is important for leaders to be as innovative as possible. Consider taking some time out from your schedule to think strategically about everything that you need to do and try to find the most time and cost-effective ways of doing them. Innovation can also come from knowing your future growth opportunities and thinking of ways to tackle any threats that may arise.


Boss vs leader motivation canvas

10.Take Initiative

A good leader is one who knows how to self-direct. Instead of waiting for others to tell you what needs to be done, it is important to take initiative yourself. As soon as you anticipate a need, you should start working towards addressing it immediately. In this case, you can take the initiative to start building your leadership skills through free online courses or reading informative articles online.


11.Be Committed to your Goals

Leaders are known to never give up. Regardless of how tough a situation becomes, a good leader will never lose his sense of direction, dedication, and motivation. Instead of being overwhelmed or not knowing how to take the first step, you need to become committed towards each goal. This can be a small goal too, such as going to the gym every day. Once you commit to this goal, you will find yourself making time for the gym despite having a busy schedule.


12.Develop Listening Skills

A good leader is one who knows how to listen to his team. Instead of listening to respond, start listening to understand what the other person is saying. This can help you empathize with others and build a strong bond. Being a good listener in a leadership position can help your subordinates feel appreciated and understood, which will motivate them to perform better.


13.Stay Focused

Even if you have a whole plan set for the future, you can easily get off track if you lose your focus. Even the most efficient leaders tend to lose their focus as work starts to pile up. Since leadership positions will come with a range of distractions, it is important to remain focused on the bigger picture and towards achieving your goal. Consider making to-do lists, setting calendar alerts, and engage in group activities that help you maintain focus. 

On a concluding note, this quote by Tony Robbins tells us a lot about being focused: “If you talk about it, it’s a dream. If you envision it, it’s possible. If you schedule it, it’s real.”


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