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Home Decor Tips to Breathe Life into Your Walls: Pop Canvas

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The walls in your home are a blank canvas for expression and creativity. By adding pop canvases to the wall, you can create an awesome focal point that will inspire and motivate you every day. There is no limit to what you can do with these awesome art pieces! Here we have compiled different ways for breathing life into your walls using pop art canvases.

Ditch the Paint for Some Artwork

Painting your walls can be an expensive endeavor. While this may not always be the case (some paints are very affordable), what if you do not want to commit or cannot financially? Pop canvas offer a great alternative that is also incredibly stylish and cool looking. Ditch the paint roller for some excellent art pieces from companies like Mural Utopia which allows you to create customized murals on your wall without any of the mess or cost associated with painting! You could also go with something as simple as frame pictures of people who inspire you or make you happy along with inspirational quotes underneath them. If even these ideas seem too plain for you, try out some fun wall decals to make your walls stand out.

Choose Canvas That Resonate With the Respective Room

If you are wondering how to breathe life into your walls, it is important that the canvas of choice resonates with the respective room. For example, if you have a library or study space, adding pop art pieces made from books may not be the best idea since these spaces need airy and open canvases to help bring out their vibe. Instead of going for something book-related try some abstract designs in neutral colors like white which can work well with most rooms!

On The Same Wall as Your Bed or Couch

It might seem awkward having an artwork on your wall while lying down or sitting but trust us when we say this is one of the best ways to make them stand out! Try using pictures of loved ones who live far away or pictures that inspire you to work harder or be better from your favorite artists. You may also opt for a pop canvas that has inspirational messages written all over it which will encourage and motivate you every day as soon as you wake up! We recommend using big, bold words in the center of the piece so they can easily catch your eye when getting ready for work or going to bed at night.

Choose Colors That Are In Sync with Your Personality or the Vibe of a Room

How about choosing colors that are in sync with your personality? For example, if you have a soft spot for pastels go ahead and choose an artwork with similar hues around them. If darker colors do not suit your fancy then try finding canvases depicting more muted colors. If you are looking to breathe life into your kitchen then having something that has earthier tones like brown will be a better choice than bold, bright colors!

Just Like You Would With Your Closet and Wardrobe

Many of us already know the power of accessorizing when it comes to dressing up and looking sharp for an occasion or even every day (hello gym clothes!), but did you know this also applies for pop art? Accessorize with pops canvases too by adding different frames around them or hanging some mirrors above them which can help give off that feel good vibe everyone wants in their room! This is especially important if you have multiple pieces on one wall since they may not cohesive enough otherwise. We recommend using pictures that have the same color schemes or similar patterns in order to make your art pop and stand out.

Choose a Size That Fits Your Wall Perfectly (Or Use Multiple Pieces)

Size does matter when it comes to choosing a perfect piece of pop canvas because you need something that has optimal proportions for both the wall space and aesthetic! If this means having multiple canvases on one wall then by all means go ahead, but we recommend picking only one large-scale masterpiece since they will be more impactful than several smaller ones would be. This is especially true if you want people's attention immediately drawn towards them once guests step inside your place! Not that will inspire and motivate you every day. There is no limit to what you can achieve when you feel good about yourself and the space around you.

Choose an Artist You Like or Who Reaches Your Soul

How about choosing an artist you like? Sure, this may seem a little subjective but we believe that everyone has their own unique taste which means there is something out there for every individual (seriously!). If you are not sure where to start then why not try looking at some pop art pieces from your favorite bands and musicians since they usually have really cool designs based on them. On the other hand, if it goes deeper than just fandom and speaks to your soul then opt for those instead! You can even use quotes and lyrics as inspiration and create a gallery wall filled with different canvases that speak volumes about who you are as person so don't be afraid to get creative here! not too small, but they can also be too big which is why having a few measurements to take before you hit the store will ensure that it perfectly fits your wall space.

Keep It Simple and Zen-Like To Avoid Clutter

On one hand, pop art pieces are meant to stand out and capture people's attention so keeping them simple with just enough detail to make an impact may not always cut it. At the same time, you do not want clutter either since larger sized canvases take up more room on walls making less space for other things! We recommend opting for smaller ones or multiple pieces so there is no loss of valuable real estate when hanging these masterpieces around your home (and please don't forget about proportions here). This way everything stands out but there is still enough space to breathe!

Be Creative with Your Walls and Be Bold With Colors

You have probably seen pop art canvases in black and white with some splashes of color here and there but why not try something different? For example, you can use colors that are similar or the same as your walls so they blend seamlessly. Another idea is finding ways to work pops of contrasting hues into your home without making them too loud which means adding wallpaper borders around them for a more subtle approach. Or maybe even paint part of the wall behind it with bright colors that will make everything stand out once people step inside! This may be daring but if done right then everyone's eyes will immediately go towards these works of art instead (and it could very well be the perfect pop that your home needs)!

How Many Pop Canvases Should You Have In One Area?

There is no limit to how many canvases you can have in one room, but we recommend having a maximum of three. This means either going with one larger piece or multiple smaller ones which will make it easy for people's eyes to wander around and appreciate all these masterpieces without getting overwhelmed! The trick here is spacing them out so there isn't too much empty wall space (even if this makes each canvas stand out more) since it will create an unbalanced feel instead. We also recommend focusing on different pieces altogether like one quote about love and another motivational saying rather than seeing only quotes everywhere even though they can be really inspiring (this is where the variety will come in handy)!

Keep Your Walls Interesting and Live With What You Love

Choosing pop art pieces that you love is a great way to keep your walls interesting and attractive but it can also allow you to live with what you love. For example, we all have those songs or albums that remind us of specific moments in our life and opting for these as canvases means having something close to heart on display which can feel like a nice little reminder every now and then. Or maybe even use this opportunity to show off your kids' drawings by turning them into unique works of art! This will not only bring back memories from time went by but they could become conversation starters once people step inside so make sure you choose your favorites and enjoy them for many years to come! If you are a fan of Disney then check our range of pop canvas like the stunning Minnie canvas art or Mickey Mouse canvas at MusaArtGallery.

minnie mouse canvas

Take the Following Steps

  • Select an artist or a painter
  • Choose a painting, design etc.
  • Choose the style of the canvas
  • Choose the size
  • choose the place where you want to hang the canvas

Be Careful About Other People in the Family

If you have kids in the house then it is better to not have any painting or quote canvas that can be disturbing for them. You can have bright different colors but not too many. Have your kid’s opinion about the painting or quote canvas before buying it for your house. It is good to teach your kids about art and painting but make sure they are grown enough to understand some of the art.

How to Hang Pop Canvas on Wall?

To hang pop canvas on wall first mark all four corners using pencil and ruler. Use leveler at each corner to ensure plumb lines (that thing with bubble). Using nails attach picture wire along horizontal line drawn at plumb corners of wall. Attach picture wire to the top left corner of canvas and then follow same process for all four corners by running wiring across each stud on wall until you reach bottom right corner. Then simply attach wires together through eye hooks at tops of two opposite corners using small link chain, slip links onto nail heads inside walls so the chains are flush against the frames, which should be tight up along sides or back edge (if it is a collage).

Be Creative With Your Walls And Be Bold With Colors You have probably seen pop art canvases in black and white with some splashes of color here and there but why not try something different? For example, you can use colors that are similar or the same as your room's color scheme or, if you want something more daring, why not go for a pop canvas that features bold colors! This will add life to your room and may even help bring out some of its hidden charm so don't be afraid to experiment with different styles.

How to Give Pop Canvas a New Look? 

You can give any pop art canvases or picture a new look by simply changing the frame. For example, instead of going for black frames which are classic perhaps try cream colored ones which could instantly fit in better with white walls while adding a unique contrast at the same time! Another trick is taking off the glass from your painting but this isn't recommended unless you know what you're doing since it can damage certain types of paintings.

Final Words

There are plenty of ways to make a statement with pop canvas as long as they fit the mood of your home, bring out its true character and stand on their own without making things too cluttered. This is why it's important to use this opportunity wisely since gallery walls can either be amazing or fall flat which means having everything planned in advance (and not just randomly) before hitting the stores. Once that is said then there really isn't any limit here so explore different options, go bold with colors and don't forget about proportions because even if these pieces mean a lot to you at least one thing has got to stop being boring – your walls!

So if you are looking for a new way to decorate your home Pop Canvas Wall Art is the perfect solution. We offer high-quality pop art prints that will make your place look like it came straight out of an interior design magazine. The best part is, our canvases are 100% removable and reusable so you can change up your room whenever you want! You’ll never have to worry about damaging or ruining the paint on your walls again.

Our pop canvas wall art comes in all shapes and sizes so no matter what kind of space you need to fill, we’ve got something for you. Whether it be a small print for above the couch or an extra large piece to cover an entire wall – we’ve got everything covered at MusaArtGallery! And if that wasn’t enough, our canvases come with free shipping worldwide so there won't be any hidden fees when they arrive at your door step! What more could you ask for?

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