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How To Focus On The Present Moment?

Now Motivational Canvas

The concept of living in the moment is not something new. It has inspired many pieces of motivational art. Not only that, but you can find many quotes on canvas relevant to this idea.

Despite that, many people have no idea what this concept actually means. People may advise you to enjoy the present moment or be in the present. However, in today's era, this is not as easy as it seems.

In our lives, there is always something that we have to anticipate. Additionally, hectic schedules can keep us busy and fixated on past mistakes. That is why now it is essential to focus on the present moment. 

Here is everything you need to about focusing on the present.

What Does It Mean To Focus On The Present Moment?

Many of you may believe that focusing on the present means keeping thoughts out of your mind. But that is a misconception. Being in the current moment means focusing on what you're doing. Additionally, it refers to doing things without constantly checking the clock.

Another term that people associate with focusing on the moment is being mindful. Simply put, when you are in the present, you are conscious of your surroundings. It means not being absent mentally in a moment.

Why Should You Focus On The Present Moment?

Some of you may be content with your life. You must be thinking that there is no need for you to be mindful. While you may also be wondering why people and motivational art give so much importance to the present moment. 

Well, here are some benefits that will help you understand why you need to focus on the now:

  • Allows To Cope With Stress
  • It is pretty common for us to disengage from other people when we are distressed. Not only that but being in the present causes us to be anxious. That is why we choose to distract ourselves by zoning out or being mentally absent. After all, it brings relief, even if it is short-term.

    However, hiding from problems is never the way to solve them. Being absent-minded can bring relief, but it does not make the issues go away. This is why being mindful and acknowledging them helps a lot.

    Even a study has proved that focusing on the present moment allows you to cope with stressful situations. In addition, mindfulness is the best way to eliminate your anxiety and fears for the long term.

  • Improves Mental Health
  • In today's era, mental health issues are still considered taboo in many countries. As a result, many people refuse to talk about them and get the necessary help. Instead, they become depressed and let their anxiety issues worsen.

    However, a 2019 research has found out that focusing on the present moment helps tackle symptoms of mental health issues. Being mindful allows you to recognize your depressing thoughts. Not only that, but it prevents you from becoming distressed. 

    Being mindful helps physical health as well. For example, people who live in the moment can avoid facing severe chronic pains.

    Now Motivational Canvas

    How To Focus On The Present Moment?

    You may find motivational wall art or quotes on canvas about focusing on the moment. These wall art used as reminders can really shift your mindset when you truly need it.

    However, worry no more. That is because we’ll be telling you all about it. Here are the top ways you can focus on the present moment:

  • Avoid Overthinking
  • Do you avoid doing things because you fear people will judge you? If so, then you're not alone. Many of us do this, especially when we're already not so comfortable about doing something.

    However, you can avoid this fear of judgment by avoiding overthinking. When you fixate on something, it is actually in that moment that things start to worsen. Even a study has proved that thinking too much causes distress. For example, in situations where you have to give a speech thinking about it can make you anxious. 

    When you stop thinking too hard about what you'll be doing, you can free yourself from the anxiety. Additionally, you should believe in your energy. Instead of focusing on the crowd and judgment, you should pay attention to yourself. Once you do that, you will be fully present in the moment.

  • Maintain The State Of Flow
  • When it comes to focusing on the present moment, it is essential to maintain flow. This is a state in which we continuously work on the current task. Additionally, it is the condition of unbroken thoughts or series of moments.

    The best way to maintain flow is by not focusing on how time will pass. If you constantly look at the clock, it means you're not paying attention. Only by losing track of time can you focus on the now.

    Once you stop, worry about what the time is, you can focus on the present tasks. Additionally, you will be able to make the most out of your day and be highly productive. According to research, maintaining flow boosts productivity by about 500%.

    So if you want to focus on the present moment, you should start by avoiding clock watching. When you do that, you can maintain the state of flow. As a result, you’ll be more aware of the present.

  • Try Not To Worry Too Much
  • A critical step to focus on the present moment is by overcoming the challenge of worrying. Here are the two ways that can help you not to worry:

    • Relax Your Mind

    Whenever we are stressed or angry, it isn't easy to think clearly. That is why our mind needs to be relaxed. Once it is calm, we can feel more realistically. In addition, you can think about things clearly with a relaxed mind. 

    Being relaxed will allow you to have more control over your emotions. Besides that, a calm mind helps in avoiding confusion. Research has shown that breath control exercises help our minds to relax.

    • Focus On Resolving Issues

    Some people tend to fixate on their problems. Meanwhile, some individuals acknowledge their issues and look for solutions. To focus on the present moment means being solution-oriented.

    Hence, when you come across a problem, try to resolve it. Once you do it, you can live in the moment without any difficulties. According to a study, solution-focused therapy is beneficial for people of various ages. Thus it is no doubt that looking for solutions can help you overcome worrying.

  • Use Your Senses
  • When you are not aware of the present, your senses become dull. Your mind becomes full of confusion due to thoughts about the past and future. And, of course, our brain cannot think about two things at once. As a result, you may not remember stuff.

    For example, have you ever walked to a place without knowing how you got there? If so, then such a thing happened to you because of not being in the present. Sometimes you can walk with a mind full of thoughts and lose track of your surroundings.

    However, the good news is that you can use your senses to your advantage. They may become dull due to absent-mindedness. However, by being mindful, you can focus on the present moment.

    Here are some activities that you should incorporate into your daily routine:

    • Visit the outdoors and experience the heat of the sun. Allow yourself to feel the temperature change to be in the now
    • Eat fruits slowly and focus on their taste to strengthen your taste buds
    • While traveling, pay attention to the different sounds

    These are a few things that can improve your senses and make you more mindful. But, of course, the key is to do similar activities every day with a sense of purpose. Once you do this, you'll be able to be in the present moment frequently. 

    Additionally, being aware will become easier as time progresses. By using your senses to be mindful, you can change your life. A past study has shown that mindfulness leads to positive emotions.

  • Remind Yourself To Focus On The Present Moment
  • In today's time, most of us lead busy lives. That is why it is easy to lose focus on our goals. One way to focus on the present moment is by reminding yourself about it.

    The best way to remind yourself about something is by using motivational wall art. You can get pieces with an inspiring quote on canvas. For example, you can get this “now motivational canvas” to remind yourself about the present moment. 

    You can hang the motivational art in your room if you spend the majority of your day there. Likewise, you can put it in your office cabin if you have one. The critical thing to keep in mind is to place the quote canvas where you can often see it.

    According to a study, visual and motivational wall art helps to increase mindfulness. This means that you can easily focus on the present moment. So get your motivational art piece today to make your life more positive.

    Confucius Quote Canvas

  • Don’t Suppress Your Feelings
  • Many of you may associate being in the present moment with neglecting your feelings. And that is where the issue lies. Focusing on the now does not mean being devoid of your emotions. You can feel whatever you want to and yet be in the present moment.

    Most of the time, we associate being happy with being in the present moment. Meanwhile, we relate sad emotions to being absent-minded and not focusing on the now. This is usually the case because we think getting lost in thoughts is a solution to relieve the feeling.

    However, suppressing or distracting yourself will do you no good. The best way to focus on the present moment is by embracing your negative emotions. By accepting them, you can stop yourself from thinking about them too much.

    Additionally, you shouldn't try to punish or criticize yourself for having negative thoughts. Not only that, but you shouldn't call yourself weak for showing feelings. Just allow your emotions to be and let your mind do the processing.

    With time our brain works through the issue. So try not to accelerate the process by fixating on them. Even research has highlighted that accepting emotions leads to various mental health benefits.

  • Avoid Being Prepared
  • To focus on the present moment, you should avoid thinking about the next. Many people try to prepare for the future and forget to enjoy the present. That is because they don’t give their complete attention to the present moment.

    Of course, trying to catch up with the next moment is not a bad thing. But if it hinders you from living in the now, then you should avoid it. Sometimes the best things in life happen when you are not prepared.

    So by constantly thinking about the future, you can deprive yourself of something in the present moment. Additionally, focusing on the future can cause stress. And, of course, this can lead you to zone out or become absent-minded.

    Besides that, even when you want to focus on the present moment, don't think about it a lot. For example, there is no need to tell yourself that you will live in the now. Instead, you should set a goal of doing activities that will induce flow.

    Once you stop preparing yourself for the future, you can focus on the present moment. Not only that, but you can encourage yourself to do this by getting motivational art. You can even get a vision board and place a quote canvas on it.

    Final Words

    That was everything you needed to know about how to focus on the present moment. Once you swear by these seven tips, nothing can prevent you from living in the now. The change in your life will occur gradually, but with time you'll feel more optimistic.

    Besides that, you should always encourage yourself by getting motivational art. A pop canvas related to the activities can serve as a good reminder. The “now motivational canvas” is also an impactful piece. Once you take the tips seriously, you can live a content life.

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