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How To Be More Productive: 13 Easy Tips To Improve Your Productivity



Did you know that according to Stanford's study, people who work from home are 13% more productive than those that don't? However, it can be challenging to stay productive and motivated if your home does not provide you the mental space to work. 

That is why it is essential to improve productivity in any way you can. Here are the top thirteen tips you can utilize to increase productivity from home. 


1.Improve Indoor Decoration

A motivational canvas or motivational art prints are the best way to motivate yourself at home. In one study, motivational posters increased the performance of employees by 33%. If you want to be more productive, it is essential to improve your décor by adding motivational prints. 

Doing so will make your home look vibrant while ensuring you stay productive. That is because motivational art prints are a reminder of our purpose and passion, which is why they make us work hard.


2.Morning Routine 

What you do as soon as you wake up sets the tone for the entire day. That is why you should create a morning routine. That is because the benefits of having this routine are endless, and one of them is that it will increase your productivity. 

So, get up early, meditate or have breakfast and then start your day. Please don't use your phone as soon as you wake up, as that will hinder your productivity. 


3.Priority List 

Create a priority list to get done with essential tasks first. List everything you need to do and prioritize each of those things on the list based on urgency and importance. Once you do that, you can start finishing your tasks one by one. 


4.Keep All Distractions Away 

You can't focus on being productive if you have too many distractions around. That is why anything that creates a distraction, such as TV, gaming consoles, smartphones, and much more, should be away from you during work. If you want to motivate yourself to the next level, you can use the power of motivational art prints to help you stay focused. 



Breaks are essential for your body and mind. Ensure you take a break of ten minutes after every half an hour. It will help you stay productive and get your task done in no time. Such a technique also increases focus.


6.Time Management 

Many people have trouble being productive because of inefficient time management. When you know you will have free time, you tend to waste time. But time is money. That is why it is essential to manage your time according to the tasks you have to do. 

If you need a reminder to manage time efficiently, you can utilize motivational art prints or a motivational canvas. It will increase your productivity as they will remind you to manage your time efficiently if you want to succeed. 


Time is money motivation canvas

7.Use Colors 

Did you know that colors can impact productivity? For example, a study by the University of Texas concluded that white, beige, or grey offices induce feelings of depression and sadness in the workplace. That is why it is essential to decorate the space you are working in with bright colors. 

Ensure that the walls are bright and that various motivational art prints are hanging to add to the color palette. Doing so will increase your productivity in no time. 


8.Get Sunlight And Fresh Air 

You should go outdoors and get some sunlight while working from home. If you feel trapped, your productivity will be hampered, and you will be stressed. That is why you should get outside and get some sunlight to increase your productivity. 

Many studies have shown that going outdoors enhances memory, lowers blood pressure, and helps fight depression. Besides that, it also improves focus and enables you to feel alert and energized. So, next time you don't feel like working, go out to get some sun and come back refreshed, ready to tackle your tasks. 


9.Create A Comfortable And Productive Interior Setup

If you want to be productive, you will need to utilize the power of interior decoration to your advantage. Ensure that your space has natural sunlight, and use colors for your furniture that help you become more productive. That is because you need to get into the right mindset in your office space. 

To enhance productivity further, you can also add a motivational canvas or motivational art prints around the office space that matches the colors of your interior. It will blend the entire working space, and you will be motivated to work harder. 


Grind hustle motivation canvas

10.Don’t Multitask 

Multitasking is a big no because it will always leave you feeling more drained. If you want to get done with a task effectively, you should give it your undivided attention. Keep your phone away, focus on the task at hand, and you will enhance your productivity in no time. 



The space you work in should always be free of clutter. The more clutter there is, the harder it will be for you to work. Always keep it tidy and clean to promote a free state of mind that will help you work. 


12.Exercise In Between 

A sedentary lifestyle can hamper our health. Exercise releases endorphins and helps our brain function better. If you want to be productive and get out of a dead-end during work, move your body so your mind can flow too. 


13.Stay Consistent

Be consistent with these guidelines to ensure you stay productive for a long time. Doing so will help you stay consistently productive, and you will face fewer periods of burnout or exhaustion. 


Final Words 

These are the top thirteen tips you should follow to increase your productivity at home. No matter what you do, make sure you have motivational art prints around the house to give you that extra boost of productivity. So, set the goal of what you want to do and achieve it. 

After all, wise man Tony Robbins once said, "Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible."


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