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How To Be Happier ? 7 Simple Rules for a Successful And Fulfilling Life

7 rules of life canvas

Life is a game, and just like any game, it has rules you need to follow if you want success and positivity. These rules are essential to follow if you want a chance at happiness. Of course, the key is to practice these rules consistently, so you master the art of living. 

Here are the top 7 rules of life you should start incorporating in your life now. 


  1. Let It Go 

Life is all about letting go. Nothing is in your control, and nothing lasts forever. That is why letting go is an art form of life you need to master. 

Let go of everything that brings you pain, suffering, and much more. The way to do this is by practicing detachment. If you are attached to an object, place, person, dogma, or belief, it will always create suffering for you. 

That is why the art of letting go is all about staying detached yet connected to everything. Once you practice the art of letting go, nothing will come between you and your success. 


  1. Ignore Them 

People will always have something negative to say no matter what you do. That is why you should always ignore what they have to say. Ignoring what they say is the only way to take your power and take charge of your life. 

Instead, focus on your goals and your journey regardless of what people say. You know how hard you are trying, and only you know your journey in the best way. If you let what other people say affect you, then you will never feel good enough. 

So, the second rule of life is to ignore what people say because it reflects them and not you. Understanding this is essential to staying focused on your dreams and goals. 


  1. Give It Time 

With time, everything can happen. Impatience will always create suffering, and you will stay in a negative loop. That is why you should put in the work and let time unfold everything. 

Once you have done all the work from your side, put some faith in the universe and wait for things to unfold the way you want them to. The more impatient you are, the more you will feel far away from your dreams, and you will not achieve anything in this state of mind. 

Besides that, even then, if you are going through something, you need to give it time. After all, time heals everything, and soon you will be a much better version of yourself. Perseverance and resilience is the key to growth, and it can only come with time. 


  1. Don’t Compare 

Compare equals despair. The more you compare yourself with others, the worse you will feel, and it will lead you to think negatively about yourself. All of us have a unique journey, which is why there is no reason for comparison. 

The only person you should strive to stay ahead of is the person you were yesterday. That is why it is essential to challenge yourself so you can grow during your journey. You are the only person you are in competition with, so you should not compare yourself with others. 

Many people start comparing and get stuck in a vicious cycle of despair. Doing this will make you feel negative and lower your vibration. If you want to manifest success, you should create positive feelings by not comparing and focusing on your own unique journey. 


  1. Stay Calm 

Never react in a way that you will regret later, even if you are in a challenging situation. You should always keep your head level and stay calm during any challenges life throws your way. After all, it is normal not to have everything figured out for yourself as most of us don't know where we will end up. 

However, you should learn to trust the process and have some faith that the universe will take care of you no matter what path you take. Stay calm in the most challenging situations and see how beautifully you bloom. Once you let go of the idea that your life has to be a certain way, everything will look beautiful. 

Trust that in time you will get where you have always wanted to be. Sometimes our plans don’t work out because there is something better in store for us. So, learn to have a little faith and stay calm. 


  1. It’s On You 

No one is coming to save you or make you happy. You are the only person who is responsible for your happiness as no one else can do that. Once you understand this, you will not wait for another person or an event to make you happy. 

That is why you should focus on yourself and do things that bring you joy. Create time for yourself each day and treat yourself like you would treat your best friend. You are in charge of your happiness, and it will never come from anything external. 


  1. Smile

Finally, the last rule of life is always to have a smile on your face. After all, life is short, and we only have this one chance to live it to the fullest. There is no reason to despair or be angry with anyone because everyone is trying their best with what they are given. 

So, always have a smile on your face and enjoy your life to the fullest while you have it. None of this will matter, which is why it is crucial to be a kind, good, and loving soul. 


7 rules of life canvas

Final Words 

These are the top seven rules of life. If you want to remind yourself of these rules every day, you can hang 7 rules of life canvas in your home. It will be a daily reminder of what you need to do to stay successful in your life. After all, we can fall off track, which is why we need a reminder now and then of what we should do.
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