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Clever Ways to Disguise or Make the Most of a Pillar in Your Living Room



Living rooms are often the heart of our homes, but sometimes architectural features like pillars can pose a design challenge. Whether you're looking to hide an unsightly pillar or make it a standout design feature, this guide offers creative solutions and expert tips to integrate these structural elements seamlessly into your living space.

1. Place Bookshelves or Cabinets Against the Pillars

Transforming Pillars into Storage: Utilize the space around your living- room's trim pillar by placing bookshelves or cabinets against it. This not only provides additional for storage space but also integrates the pillar into the overall design of the room.

2. Bookshelf Design Between Pillars

Bridging the Gap: When two pillars are close together, consider a custom bookshelf that spans the space between them. This not only disguises the pillars but also creates a visually appealing and functional design element and more space.

3. Use Plants or Tall Décor Items to Camouflage the Pillar

Natural Disguise: Tall plants or decorative items can be strategically placed around the pillar to camouflage it. This approach adds a touch of nature and can make hiding the pillar seem like part of your room's organic design.

4. Incorporate the Pillar into Built-In Furniture or Shelving

Seamless Integration: Design built-in furniture or shelving that incorporates the pillar. This approach turns the pillar into a useful part of your living room, adding both aesthetic and functional value.

5. Hide it by Bringing the Outdoors In

Outdoor Elements: Mask your pillar by using outdoor-inspired elements like stone cladding or wood paneling. This can create a rustic or natural feel, tying the whole hide a pillar into an overall theme.

6. Create a Cozy Nook Around the Pillar

Personal Retreat: Use the space around the top floor pillar to create a cozy nook. Add a comfortable chair, a small table, and a reading lamp to transform this area into a comfortable space for a personal retreat.

7. Gold Color Accent Style Mainstay Design

Luxurious Touches: Incorporating gold accents on your pillar can add a touch of luxury and elegance. Whether it's gold leaf or a simple paint accent, this can elevate the pillar to a stylish feature. Large modern wall art can also add some life into the room you want to decorate.

8. Blend the Pillar with Your Room's Colors

Harmonious Color Schemes: Paint or decorate the pillar to match the the same tone of color as your room's color palette. This approach can help the pillar blend in seamlessly, making it less of a focal point and more of a cohesive part of the overall design.


9. Stylish Shelf Design in Pillar

Shelving Solutions: Incorporate stylish shelving around the column or on the pillar. Use this space for displaying books, art, or collectibles, turning extra space on the pillar into a functional and decorative element.

10. Square Design Pillar in Round Style

Geometric Contrast: Play with geometric shapes by designing a square-shaped shelf or paneling around a round pillar. This contrast can add a unique and modern twist to your living room.

11. Embrace the Pillar and Make it Look Professionally Designed

Feature Piece: Instead of trying to hide the pillar, make it a standout feature. Use bold colors, textures, or lighting to draw attention to hidden pillar and create a visual impact with a professionally designed look.

12. Decorate Pillars With Hanging Plants

Green Canopy: Hanging plants can give your pillar a lively, vibrant feel. This not only adds greenery visual interest to round pillars in your living space but also brings a dynamic and natural element to the pillar.

13. Dress up The Pillar with other Materials

Material Mix: Experiment with different materials like stone, wood, or metal to give your pillar a new identity. This can completely transform its look and feel, as well suited adding texture and add visual interest, to your living room.

14. Spruce it up with Wall Art

Artistic Flair: Use the pillar as a canvas for wall art. Whether it's a mural, a series of paintings, or decorative hangings and wall lamps, art can turn open space behind the pillar into an eye-catching gallery.

15. Pillar Design With Plants

Botanical Touch: Further explore the use of plants by creating a vertical garden or arranging a large plant or series of large planters around the pillar. This can create a lush, green corner in your living room.

16. Use Pillar With Wall Mirror

Reflective Elegance: Placing a large mirror on false wall or near the pillar can create an illusion of space, making the room appear larger. The reflection also adds an element of depth and sophistication.

17. Use it as a Room Divider in your home

Functional Division: Consider using the pillar as a natural room divider. It can demarcate different areas in an open-plan space using various materials, such as walls separating the living area from the dining room, without the need for a solid wall.

18. Make the Pillar a Focal Point or Part of an Imaginative Design

Creative Centerpiece: Embrace add character to the pillar by decorating and making it a focal point. Decorate it with a bold pattern, wrap it with fairy lights, or use it to showcase a unique piece of art.

19. Decorate Pillar With Marble Stone

Touch of Luxury: Covering your pillar with marble stone can give your living room an upscale and elegant look. It's a timeless design choice that adds sophistication.

20. Use of Chandelier Lights Next to Pillars

Illuminating Beauty: Placing pendant lights on a chandelier or pendant light next to the pillar can enhance its presence. The lighting not only highlights the pillar but also adds a warm ambiance to the rest of the room.

21. Under Sea Design on Columns

Thematic Decor: For a unique touch, consider an under-the-sea theme for your pillar. This could include painting it with aquatic colors, adding sea-life decals, or using textures that mimic coral or seaweed.

22. Column Flower Design

Floral Accents: Decorate your pillar with floral designs, either through painting, decals, or attaching real or artificial flowers. This can bring a fresh and lively feel to entire column of your living room.

23. Paint the Columns in a Color that Complements your Furniture

Color Coordination: Choose a paint color for your floor lamp pillar that complements or contrasts beautifully with your furniture. This helps in creating a cohesive and harmonious interior design.

24. The Advantage of Arranging Columns in The Living Room

Strategic Placement: Discuss the benefits of having columns in an open floor plan the living room, such as providing structural support, adding character to living place, and offering design opportunities.

25. Can I use the pillar to enhance the overall design of my living room?

Integrating Pillars into Design: Explore how pillars floor lamps can be used to create interest and enhance the overall aesthetic of the living room, turning them from an obstacle into an asset.

26. Hire an Online Interior Designer

Professional Guidance: For those who feel overwhelmed by interior designers, hiring an online interior designer can provide personalized advice and innovative solutions tailored to your living room's specific needs and layout.


In conclusion, pillars in your living room don't have to be viewed as obstacles. Instead, they offer unique opportunities to enhance your space with creativity and style. Whether you choose to camouflage them with clever design tricks or transform them into stunning focal points, these structural elements can significantly contribute to the aesthetic and functionality of your living area. From integrating bookshelves and plants to experimenting with materials like mirrors and marble, each idea presented in this guide aims to inspire you to see the potential in every other decorating ideas how to hide a pillar in living room.

Remember, the key to successful interior design is to blend practicality with personal style. Don't be afraid to experiment with many different shades, textures, colors, and materials to find what works best in your space. And if you're ever in doubt, seeking advice from a professional interior designer can provide tailored solutions that perfectly fit your home's unique character and your personal taste.

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