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How To Boost Employees Mindset? Best Office Decor Ideas To improve employees mindsets

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Office decor plays an integral role in the positive mindset of employees. The way a workspace feels and appears can inspire the mood of your staff. That is because décor is not just about aesthetics.

A well-designed office motivates employees to work efficiently. This research has even highlighted the impact of the physical work environment on employees. That is why your company office must be decorated in the best way.

The décor of an office improves the mindset of the workforce. As a result, the productivity of the company increases. Not only that but environment also speaks a lot about your brand.

However, getting the right physical environment can be difficult. But worry no more. Here have the best office décor ideas that will allow you to boost your employees' mindset.

1.Storage Space

Typically, office cubicles are small to accommodate all employees in one place. That is why just notebooks, mugs, and wires can overcrowd the desk significantly. Thus, the lack of organization can demotivate the employee.

However, a clean workspace improves the mood of an employee and clears their mind. According to a study, 13.5% of workers responded that removing clutter would enhance their productivity. Hence, you must provide sufficient space to your staff.

Firstly, to tackle the clutter issue, you can have storage rooms built on each floor. Employees can keep unnecessary books and files in this secure place. It will also offer them space on their desks to keep more meaningful and personalized items.

Besides that, if your office has cables running through desks, you should offer employees cable baskets. These keep the wires hidden underneath the desk. Hence, cables will no longer hinder the work of your employees and boost their mindset.

2.Comfortable Space

Many people prefer to work from home because they find their own space comfier than an office. But, of course, this is not suitable for many organizations. Therefore, you need to offer your employees better alternatives.

For example, making the office more comfortable can help you boost the mindset of your staff. According to a previous survey, 87% of workers stated that they want healthier office space benefits such as wellness rooms. 

Besides that, many companies don’t offer their staff a separate room for video calls. As a result, they have to search for space during a call which takes up a lot of their time. That is why your office design must take these things into account. 

You can offer well-designed break rooms for the employees to enjoy their lunch at. Additionally, a quiet space for video calls can help save time and prevent unnecessary stress. 

These changes will make the employees feel more relaxed and comfortable at the office. And of course, this will improve their mood and productivity.

3.Standing Desks

Typically office jobs require the employees to sit behind a computer screen for most of their day. According to research, this can cause significant harm. Sitting for an extended period leads to poor posture, muscle pain, and poor blood circulation.

A bad posture is one of the leading causes of joint problems. Unfortunately, these will continue to grow unless employers offer comfortable options. For example, adjustable monitor stands can help the employees place computers to their eye level. This can help them tackle posture issues to some extent.

Besides that, standing desks should be offered as an alternative. As per a study, these desks boost performance significantly. They are also best for improving the circulation and posture of employees. Hence, an additional room at the office with standing desks can help you increase company efficiency.

Other than that, research has proved that sit-down meetings last 34% longer than stand-up ones. As a result, employees can get back to their work or break promptly. This, in turn, improves their mood and allows them to work with more enthusiasm.

4.Suitable Office Temperature

The temperature of the workspace may seem insignificant to you, but it is not. It affects the productivity of employees significantly. Most companies keep AC temperature low to prevent staff from feeling hot. However, each person has a different threshold. 

Some people may feel the temperature is suitable for the office. But others might be too cold. This is especially true in the cases of women. According to a study, a cold environment reduces the productivity of females.

Another study shows that when the temperature becomes above 27 degrees Celsius, the overall productivity decreases by 4% for every one-degree change. That is why it is crucial to set the air conditioning system at an intermediate temperature.

It will take some time to get a suitable temperature. But once you achieve this, you can notice the improvement of employees' mindset.

5.Improved Lighting

Optimizing the lighting of your office is one of the best ways to improve employees' mindsets. That is because it boosts their energy and prevents their eyes from unnecessary strain. Additionally, the light employees work under also affects their sleep schedule.

According to research, natural daylight enhances the quality of sleep and other activities of workers. It improves the health of individuals and allows them to work without straining their eyes. That is why you should try to ensure your company has large windows to let the light in.

Of course, in many cases, accessing daylight can be difficult. In such situations, you should ensure that the indoor lighting is suitable. As per a study, workers placed under blue light felt more alert and happier. 

Moreover, blue is considered a cooler light which further improves the mood. Even research has shown that cooler lighting makes employees more productive. Besides that, for meetings and conference rooms, yellow lighting is preferable. It makes the workers feel more relaxed.

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6.Motivational Wall Art

Did you know that motivational wall art improves employee performance? According to a study, posters improve the mindset and productivity of workers by 33%. That is why it is essential for your office to have motivational art throughout the facility.

You can opt for many different ideas when it comes to art. For example, you can find a motivational quote on canvas and put it around the office. So whenever, an employee will see the art they can feel more encouraged and enthusiastic about work.

Besides that, you could add more color to the office space by having blank walls painted with motivational art. According to a survey, 78% of workers responded that art reduces their stress. Meanwhile, 77% of employees stated that motivational art encourages them to express their opinions.

Hence, if your office space lacks art, it's time to change it. Additionally, you can buy motivational wall arts here, hang them in places that offer easy visibility to employees. It will blow your employees productivity, we can't wait for you to see the difference.


Most people love nature and prefer the outdoor environment more. Many studies have shown that workers who sit next to a window work more efficiently. That is because they get more exposure to sunlight and are closer to the outdoors.

However, not all employees get window seats or access to daylight. That is why it is essential that they have alternatives. And plants are the best way to make an individual feel closer to the external environment. Not only that, but they improve the office interior.

As per a study, plants enhance the productivity of workers by 15%. This is because they improve the mood of employees. Individuals become physically and cognitively more active in the presence of plants. Hence, workers participating in the study stated they felt happier.

Plants decrease the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. Additionally, they offer more oxygen. As a result, the circulation of workers improves, which improves their efficiency. Further, the quality of air also increases as it becomes purer.

8.Sound Design

Music is the one sound that holds the potential to improve the mood of any individual. This is because it improves the health of our brains and enhances our body function. That is why we feel happier, more innovative, and more productive when listening to songs. Not only that, but it also decreases the levels of the stress hormone called cortisol.

Along with other things, background music is a great way to improve the mindset of workers. According to a study, music enhances the cognitive performance of individuals. Besides that, another research shows that it enhances the efficiency of workers. Hence, staff members complete repetitive tasks faster when listening to music.

Due to these facts, it is essential that you provide a source of music to your workers. For example, you can have a sound system installed on different office floors. By playing soothing playlists in the background, you can boost your employee's mindset.

However, not all individuals like sound while working. Some workers may even find it distracting. That is why you should carry out a survey before deciding. Additionally, employees can be offered noise-canceling headphones during office hours. This will allow them to listen to their own playlists without disturbing other staff members.

9.Colorful Interior

It is no secret that colors affect our thinking and emotions. An office is a space where employees spend the majority of their time. And the paint of the workspace has a significant impact on their lives. That is why it is essential for you to choose a productive color scheme for your company.

According to research, colors influence the mood of individuals. There are four primary colors that have an integral role in our psychology. They are:

  • Red – This is a stimulating color that affects the heart rate and pulse of workers. In places that require staff to do physically exerting work, the red color works best for productivity.
  • Blue – This is a soothing and cooler color that calms the mind and improves focus. For office cubicle space, this works best to improve the mindset of workers.
  • Yellow – If you want your employees to feel more positive, yellow is the way to go. It is the best color to inspire people and enhance their creativity.
  • Green – This is the last color that affects the balance. It does not strain eyes and offers a sense of reassurance.

Incorporating these four colors in the office interior will help you create a positive and productive work environment. Additionally, you should avoid completely white walls. As per research, this color hinders productivity.

10.Vision Boards

The last thing you can use to improve the mindset of employees is by putting up vision boards around the office. These are effective for motivating the workers. That is because they provide a clear idea of the future plan of the company.

As per a study, one in every five successful individuals uses vision boards. That is why you must have them around your facility to boost employees' mindsets. You should add details of the company's vision to the board. The key to improving productivity is by putting information in an impactful way.

Besides that, you can add motivational art to the board. This will further improve the mood of workers. You could also get an inspiring quote on canvas and place it on the vision board to inspire them. 

The board will help the employees to visualize success. As a result, it encourages them mentally to work hard. Even a study has proved that visualization improves confidence and success rate. So enhance your office interior today using attractive vision boards.

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Final Words

That was everything you needed to know about the best office décor to boost employee mindset. Each worker is different, and what works for someone may not be suitable for others. That is why you should conduct surveys before implementing any idea. This will make the employees feel more inclusive and important.

The one thing that we can guarantee works for everyone is motivational wall art. It is the best way to inspire your staff members and enhance their mindset. Once you put motivational wall art around your company, you can observe the positive effects promptly.Fee free to check our collection of motivational art, we have selected for you some of the most efficient pieces!

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