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One Life: How To Live A Meaningful Life?

One Life Canvas - Motivational Wall Art


Living a meaningful life is one of the most prevalent goals that exist. It is something by which we try to motivate ourselves. Not only that, but it is something we use to measure our existence's worth.

When life is near its end, people desire to know that the time they spent on things was worth it. After all, no one likes to learn that they wasted their years. However, it is tough to know which stuff matter the most.

People often advise others to live meaningful lives. But they never tell you how to do that. If you've been wondering about it, you've come to the right place. Here is what you need to know about living a meaningful life.

What Does Living A Meaningful Life Mean?

Many of you may believe that meaningful life has fixed definitions and steps. However, that is far from the truth. The meaning of this phrase varies from person to person.

In this world, you'll find various definitions for the term. That is because we all have different priorities and values. Something that looks like an awful life to you may be meaningful for others.

The ultimate definition of living a meaningful life is distinguishing between things that are important to you. It means being true to yourself when making any life decision. If you value your family a lot, then a meaningful life for you may be one in which you prioritize your loved ones.

How To Live A Meaningful Life?

To live a meaningful life is not difficult if you know what you should be doing. So the first step is to understand the things in your life that are already fulfilling. After that, you should think about the stuff that drains you and does not have value.

Once you know where your life is lacking, you can make suitable changes to add more meaning to your life. For example, you may have to cut off people from your life. Additionally, you should be willing to make sacrifices in your pursuit of a meaningful life.

Here are the top ways that will allow you to live a meaningful life:

  • Understand Your Priorities
  • The best way to live a meaningful life is by living with intention. Each action you take should be because you wanted to. Once you make intentional changes to your life, you can see the positive changes.

    However, to make changes, you first need to understand your priorities. It is essential to identify things that are important to you. These may include your career, family, and much more.

    Once you understand what's important to you, you can make changes to prioritize things. For example, if family and career are your priority, you must find a balance between them. Unfortunately, in today's time, our lives are so fast-paced that we often neglect family.

    Earning money is not a bad thing and helps you fulfill your family's desires. However, some things cannot be bought. Additionally, you cannot take money to your grave. The only way you'll be content at the end is if you don't have any regrets. 

    So stop prioritizing materialistic things over your family and other essential items. Once you do this, you will find your life to be fulfilling. Even research suggests that a meaningful life offers much more than just happiness.

  • Discover Your Life’s Purpose
  • A life without purpose cannot be called meaningful. In fact, you cannot even refer to it as living. Having a sense of purpose is one of the essential things to have. It offers a reason to get out of bed every day and continue with things.

    Purpose adds more meaning and color to life. Additionally, it brings more time to celebrate that meaning. According to research having a life purpose enhances the quality of our lives. It may also help you to live longer despite your age.

    To find your life's purpose, you must think deeply about particular things. For example, let's suppose you have to give one reason to yourself to continue living. What would that be? What are the things that hold high value in your life?

    By asking and answering particular questions, you can find your sense of purpose. This can be a tough task, and you may feel discouraged at times. In such cases, you can inspire yourself through motivational art. 

    An inspiring quote on canvas may help you remember to find your life's purpose. Besides that, reading meaningful articles can also help you a lot. Once you do these things, you can live content and fulfilling life.

  • Pursue Your Passion
  • Nowadays, many people desire to earn money by working jobs they hate. With time we can often lose focus of our dreams and passions. This is something that should be avoided at all costs. That is because doing something you love is what adds meaning to life.

    Each time you do something that you enjoy, it makes you happy from the inside. And this is what the true meaning of living a meaningful life is. Likewise, pursuing your passions will also provide your life's purpose. That is why it is one of the essential things in existence.

    You may decide to give up on your passions because it won't earn high pay. But trust us, that won't be a good idea. If you don't believe us, you should ask someone who hates their job. What you will from them will be regret and the fact that their life lacks something.

    A 2015 study also shows that pursuing your passions helps in lowering stress. Additionally, it contributes more meaning to your life and makes it fulfilling. So if you're passionate about something, then never give up on it. 

    Besides that, if fate causes you to change your path, then always remember your original goal. You can get back to your passion later in your life as well. The critical thing is not to lose focus on what you want.

  • Be Self-Aware
  • Being conscious of their actions is a challenging task for many. However, once you master the art of self-awareness, you can be at ease. That is because you can reflect on your actions. 

    Mindfulness is the best way to become self-aware. You should focus on your actions at all times. Moreover, you must ensure that you're living life as per your principles. The essential thing is that only you should have control over your life and passions.

    Research shows that mindfulness improves the quality of life by bringing positive changes. To become self-aware, you should review your daily actions. Not only that, but you should note them down and reflect. If you find anything that you should change, then mark that point.

    Once you start correcting your actions and focusing on important things, you can live a meaningful life. By making changes, you can add more value to your tasks. Meditation is also an excellent exercise to become mindful and self-aware. Even a study has confirmed this.

  • Never Lose Focus
  • One of the things that can allow you to live a meaningful life is focus. When you lose this, it is at that time that things will start to worsen. With focus, you can maintain a state of flow. As a result, you can be more present in the current moment.

    Besides that, when we say not to lose focus, we don't mean you should micromanage many goals at once. Doing many things simultaneously will be counter-effective. The primary thing to keep in mind is to do one task at a time. So put all your focus into one thing.

    Once you complete a goal, then you can move on to the other. By not losing focus, you can accomplish more in your life. That is because when you try to do many things at once, you make little progress. But by finishing stuff, you can feel more positive about making changes.

    If you have trouble focusing on things, then worry no more. According to research, brain training activities allow you to concentrate. Besides that, even reminders are effective for enhancing focus. The best way to remember is by hanging motivational art where you can see it often.

    This “one life canvas” is a minimalistic yet impactful piece of motivational art. By looking at it every day, you can remind yourself that you only get one life. That is why you need to live it meaningfully. After all, second chances are not possible.

    One Life Ticket Canvas - Motivational Wall Art

  • Make Connections
  • Many people believe that they are enough for themselves. This is not a bad thing. But it also leads to people not making connections with others. You can be content with being in your presence yet have relationships. This is not something abnormal. 

    Additionally, there is no steadfast rule that being enough for yourself means you shouldn't be close to others. If you don't believe us, then we have scientific evidence for you. This study shows that making connections is essential to lead a meaningful life.

    You can be close to your family or make friends. Even making a connection with pets can be helpful. That is because it provides a higher sense of purpose. This, of course, adds more meaning to life and makes it more fulfilling.

    However, having connections does not mean that the relationship should be perfect and harmonious. Researchers also clarify this misconception. A conflict with someone is also a connection. Not only that but overcoming these challenges also makes life more meaningful.

    Yes, you may prefer to avoid making connections because they may bring stress to your harmonious life. But that is what gives them the potential to make life more meaningful. Resolving conflicts offers you a chance to strengthen your relationship with someone.

  • Do Things For Others
  • During our early education, teachers emphasize giving back to the community. And this is one of the best pieces of advice they give. That is because doing things for others helps us improve our sense of purpose. Not only that, but it makes us feel more worthy.

    Life satisfaction has a positive correlation with helping other people. Various studies confirm that giving back to the community makes us happy. They also suggest that helping other people enhance our physical and mental health. That is why you should actively involve yourself in service activities.

    Volunteering at a shelter or under-developed school can give your life more meaning. It will also offer you a chance to forge new connections. This, in turn, can make your life highly fulfilling. Besides that, you can donate money to charities if you don't have time for in-person volunteering.

    Once others benefit from you, we guarantee that you will feel a greater purpose. To remind yourself of this task, you can get the "one life canvas.” In this motivational wall art, you should focus on the “make it count” sentence. 

    We only have one life, and that is why it is necessary to make every moment count. That is because you can never know what the future holds. The only thing you can be sure of is the present.

  • Be Expressive
  • The one bad thing that you can do for your health is bottling your feelings. This can harm your mental health. Additionally, it can cause you to feel unworthy.

    Besides that, sometimes, people fear judgment and decide not to express themselves. If you also do this, then you should consider stopping. That is because not being expressive takes away your life's value.

    Living a fulfilling life is highly related to being authentic. When you are true to yourself and others, your life can have more meaning. And one way to do this is by being expressive.

    There are many ways to express yourself. For example, you can create motivational art. Additionally, you can do journaling to express your thoughts. 

    Final Words

    That was your complete guide on how to live a meaningful life. Once you follow these tips and understand yourself, you can live a fulfilling life. The critical thing to remember is that you only have one life. That is why you should make every moment count.

    So, take a few minutes to reflect on your life and what you want it to represent. Once you have that figured out, come visit our shop and put up some beautiful artwork on your walls as a daily reminder of how precious life is. We guarantee that once you do, you'll be more motivated than ever before to make the most of every moment! What are you waiting for? Click here now to purchase some amazing motivational art prints for your home.

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