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How to Decorate a Large Wall in Living Room ?


Decorating a large wall in a living room can be a daunting task. These expansive blank canvases often pose a challenge: How to fill them in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and complementary to the room's overall ambiance? This guide offers an array of creative ideas and tips to help you turn your large living room wall into a captivating focal point.

Understanding the Blank Canvas

The Challenge of Long Living Room Walls

Many living rooms feature a long, expansive wall, often an interior one. This space, while offering vast potential for creative decor, frequently remains underutilized or blank. The reason lies in the intimidation factor; the sheer size can overwhelm even the most experienced decorators. However, with the right approach, these walls present an opportunity for impactful interior design and statements.

Embracing the Space

The key to successfully decorating a large living room wall is to view it not as a daunting obstacle but as a creative canvas. This shift in perspective opens up a world of possibilities, turning the large wall space into an asset rather than a challenge.

Wall Decor Tips

Balancing Aesthetics and Scale

When decorating a large wall, maintaining a balance between the wall's scale and the decor's aesthetic value is crucial. The decor or large piece should neither overwhelm the space nor appear too insignificant.

Creating a Cohesive Look

Your decor choices should align with the room's existing style and color scheme. Whether opting for a minimalist, modern, or eclectic approach, the wall decor should complement the room's overall theme.

Gallery Wall: A Dynamic Approach

The Art of Composition

A gallery wall is a dynamic way to decorate a large space. This method involves arranging multiple pieces - art, photographs, or other memorabilia - in a visually cohesive manner. The arrangement's success lies in finding the right balance in terms of size, color, and framing styles.

Personalizing Your Space

Gallery walls allow for personal expression. They can tell a story or reflect personal interests, making them not just a decor element but a conversation starter.

Letting One Piece Take Center Stage

The Impact of a Single Statement Piece

Alternatively, choosing a single, oversized piece of art can make a bold statement. This approach works well when you want to keep the decor simple yet impactful. The art becomes a focal point, defining the dining room itself's ambiance.


Multi-Functional Decor

Accommodating Furniture and Decor

In many living rooms, the large wall is also a place to position furniture. This dual function requires a thoughtful approach to balance the wall decor with the furniture below it. A combination of art pieces and functional items on bare walls like shelves or mirrors can achieve this balance.

The Need for Large-Scale Wall Art

Embracing Grandeur

In spacious areas, small pieces of art can appear lost or underwhelming. Large-scale artworks, however, can capture attention and fill the empty wall up with vibrancy. These pieces act not just as decor but as bold statements that reflect your taste and personality.

Selecting the Right Piece

Choosing the right large-scale art involves considering the room's color palette and the mood you want to evoke. Whether it's a serene landscape, a vibrant abstract piece, or a dramatic black-and-white photograph, the art should resonate with the room's overall aesthetic.

Incorporating Wall Molding

Adding Architectural Elegance

Wall moulding and molding offers a way to add texture and architectural interest to a plain wall. This element can transform a simple wall into a sophisticated backdrop, providing a structured framework that can elegantly frame art pieces or mirrors.

Types of Wall Molding

From traditional wainscoting to modern geometric patterns, wall molding comes in various styles. Select a style that complements your room's existing decor while adding an extra layer of visual interest.

Using Mirrors to Enhance Space

Creating an Illusion of Space

Mirrors are a fantastic tool for making a room feel larger and more open. A well-placed large mirror, or an arrangement of several smaller mirrors, can add both a decorative and functional element, reflecting light and views to enhance the room's ambiance.

Styling with Mirrors

Consider the mirror's frame and shape – these should align with the room's style. Whether you choose a grand ornate mirror or a series of sleek, modern ones, they should integrate seamlessly with the overall decor.

Adding a Wallpaper Mural

Making a Bold Statement

A wallpaper mural can dramatically change the appearance of a room. It serves as a large-scale art piece, creating a focal point that can define the entire room. From lush landscapes to abstract designs, murals offer endless possibilities for personalization.

Choosing the Right Mural

When selecting a mural, consider the room's theme and color scheme. The mural should not only stand out but also create a harmonious balance with the rest of the room.

Furnishing a Long Living Room Wall

Strategic Placement

Furnishing a long wall requires a careful balance. The key is to avoid cluttering the space but also to prevent it from looking too barren. A mix of furniture, art, and decorative items can create a visually appealing yet functional arrangement for huge wall.

Furniture and Decor Harmony

The furniture should complement the wall decor, creating a unified look. For instance, a sleek console table under a modern painting, or a cozy bench beneath a rustic gallery wall, can enhance the room's thematic consistency.

Must-Know Measurements for Decorating

Understanding Scale and Placement

It's essential to understand the scale when decorating a large wall. The decor pieces should be proportional to the wall size. Additionally, consider the placement and spacing of these items. They should be hung at an appropriate height and spaced evenly to create a balanced look big blank wall.

The Rule of Thirds

Applying the rule of thirds can help in achieving a pleasing arrangement. This principle involves dividing the front wall space into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, and placing your decor elements at these intersection points.

The Appeal of Oversized Floor Mirrors

Functionality Meets Style

Oversized floor mirrors are not just decorative elements; they bring functionality by adding light and creating an illusion of more space. They work well in various settings, whether placed in a corner or as a standout piece against the wall.

Choosing the Right Mirror

Select a mirror that complements the room's style. A baroque-style mirror can add opulence to a classic room, while a simple, framed mirror suits a minimalist space.

Focusing on a Focal Wall

Creating a Center of Attention

In rooms with multiple large walls, designating one wall as the focal point can organize the decor and reduce visual clutter. This focal wall can feature photos, a standout piece of art, a unique wallpaper design, or a collection of items that draw the eye.

Complementing the Focal Wall

The other walls should complement the focal point without competing for attention. This can be achieved through subtler artwork, muted colors, or simple decorative pieces that align with the theme of the focal wall.


The Principle of Balance in Decor

Symmetry and Asymmetry

Balance is essential in wall decor. This can be achieved through symmetry, where two smaller pieces flank a large central piece, or through asymmetry, where different elements are arranged in a visually pleasing, albeit unaligned, manner.

Visual Weight Considerations

It's important to consider the visual weight of each piece. A large, dark-colored item will weigh more visually than a smaller, lighter piece. Distributing these weights evenly across the wall creates a sense of balance and harmony.

The Design Board: Visualizing Your Space

Planning Your Layout

Before finalizing your large wall decor ideas, create a design board. This step allows you to visualize the arrangement of elements on the wall, ensuring a cohesive look before you start hanging items.

Experimenting with Arrangements

On the design board, you can play with different layouts decor ideas, color schemes, and combinations of pieces. This process helps in making informed decisions about what will work best in your space.

Bringing It All Together: Your Personal Touch

Reflecting Your Style

The ultimate goal in decorating a large living room wall is to create a space that reflects your personality and complements your home's style. Whether through a gallery wall hang up, a statement art piece, mirrors, or a combination of these, the key is to create a space that you love.

Continual Evolution

Remember, wall decor is not permanent. It can evolve with your tastes, your family photos and experiences, and the changing dynamics of your living space. Feel free to experiment, change, and update your decor as you see fit.


Decorating a large wall in a living room offers a unique opportunity to express your creativity and enhance the overall beauty of your home. By understanding the principles of scale, balance, and design harmony, and by infusing your personal style into the how to decorate a large wall in living room, you can transform a blank wall into a stunning feature of your living space.


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