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6 Lessons We Can Learn From Banksy's Incredible Street Art

Banksy church boy

Banksy is one of the best yet controversial street artists in the world. His artwork is thought to be a subculture of its own, and his political statements have impacted many critical moments in modern history. Banksy uses his art to encourage revolution and provide different viewpoints. 

Banksy's street art includes controversial yet influential images that have made him famous in the modern world. Here is everything you need to know about the lessons we can learn from his art. 


  1. Always Have Faith 

No matter what happens, one should always have faith and trust the process. Faith is what keeps us going, and it helps us accept whatever life throws at us. Banksy has depicted this important message through his art of a church boy praying. 

The church is depicted by combining street art, and the boy is kneeling and praying with his paint bucket and brush next to him. It also illustrates that while many people believe graffiti is vandalism, it is still a form of art that means well, and the painter requires understanding and faith. 

So, always extend understanding to other people and have faith in everything. It will all work out in your favor. If you need a reminder in your home to have faith, you can always hang a Banksy canvas print in your living space. 


  1. Hope Is Always There 

One of Banksy’s pieces in London provides us with the message that hope is just around the corner no matter the dark days we go through. The piece includes a little girl trying to catch a heart-shaped balloon. It is a reminder we should remain positive instead of getting stuck in a cycle of despair. 

That is because hope is always within reach, and that is how we keep on living. No matter how dark it gets, hope is the one thing that keeps us all going. It is an important life lesson that helps us deal with our losses and grief, without which we would never grow. 


Banksy there is always hope

  1. Honor Where You Come From 

As humans, we all have roots, and each of us comes from somewhere. It is essential to acknowledge and honor those roots to move forward in life. You can see this message in a piece by Banksy in Los Angeles. 

The graffiti contains a caveman with a bone in one hand and a tray of burgers, fries, and coke in the other hand. The piece makes you think about where we started and where we have come to. It is a subtle reminder of human nature and that what we have adopted in modern times is not too natural. 

After all, what is more, unnatural than seeing a caveman carry a fast food tray? So, always stay grounded and honor your roots because those are the things that help us grow in many different directions in our life. Never forget where you come from and stay true to that identity no matter where you go. 


  1. Keep Your Heart Open 

A life well-lived is a life full of love. We all know the importance of love, and even Banksy understands this. He emphasizes that we should always focus on our hearts and love if we want to go forward. 

Many of his pieces depict this message, but the heart wall is a strong reminder of it. The graffiti is just a wall full of hearts in many colors and sizes. Most of us have forgotten to show love and compassion to one another in these digital times. 

That is why it is essential to go back to our roots and honor the one thing that makes the world go round: love. If you have trouble reminding yourself to love, you can hang a Banksy canvas in your home. Let it remind you that our hearts are the only thing that matters. 


  1. Stay In The Present Moment 

Many of us are too busy with technology, and we don't stay in the present moment to enjoy it to the fullest. One of Banksy’s recent pieces depicts this message in Bristol. The piece is known as Mobile Lovers, and it features two people in each other's embrace using their phones. 

The art piece gives us the message that we spend time on things that are not important, which is a screen. We constantly keep ourselves preoccupied with screen time and forget what is right in front of us. Because of this, we miss meaningful encounters and opportunities every day. 

The only thing that matters in life is staying connected no matter what. After all, human connection is what adds meaning and value to our life. So, always make time for the people around you instead of being preoccupied with a screen all the time. You can add life to your empty wall with this stunning Banksy wall of heart print.  


banksy walls of heart canvas


  1. Always Listen To Your Heart 

Your heart will always guide you to the right place, and that is what you should listen to all the time. Banksy has provided this critical message in a piece in San Francisco where a doctor is listening to a heart. It reminds us that we should always listen to our hearts in this world of increasing noise and chaos. 

Try to remember the last time you followed your heart and where it led you. Even if we don’t think it is the right thing for us, our heart always leads us to places that are essential to our growth. So, next time you make a decision, take a deep breath, stop, and listen to your heart. You will not be disappointed. 


Final Words 

These are the top 6 lessons you can learn from Banksy’s street art. Of course, this is not all, as his pieces are profound and always make a statement on the current political arena. If you love Banksy, you can invest in a Banksy canvas print for your home. 

It will serve as a reminder of these important messages that you can take with you wherever you are. For more amazing prints and canvases, please feel free to browse through our website. 

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