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Why Is the Ace of Spades So Powerful and How to Use It?

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The ace of spades is the most powerful card in a deck of playing cards. It symbolizes power, luck, and triumph. Aces are considered to be lucky because they are high up on the list of possible outcomes for rolling dice or drawing from a deck of cards (1/6th chance). In addition, when one plays poker with an ace as their starting hand it is traditionally believed that they have a greater chance at winning than if any other starting hand was dealt.

History of Playing Cards

-There are many theories about the origin of playing cards. One theory is that they were invented in China at around 960 AD by an Emperor during a game with his concubines to determine who would be dealing the next hand. Another theory states that they originated in India or Persia and spread west through Egypt where Europeans learnt them from Arabic merchants. However, there seems to be evidence for both arguments because some cards found depict Hindu gods while others show Islamic style art work which suggests Indian influence but still features European suits so it could have come to Europe via Muslim traders (source). 

Today: There are 52 unique cards per deck; each card has its own number value plus one joker card if required depending on how many players are playing. There are four suits: spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs (source).

China Was the Place of Origin of Playing Cards

Many people don’t know this but the playing cards we see today actually originated in China. Some say it was in the 10th century while others say it was somewhere around the 15th century. However whatever the case there is no doubt that the card originated in China.

The Face Cards Were Based On Real People

The face cards in the deck were based on real people in history.

  • King of Spades :David
  • King of Hearts :Charles VII)
  • King of Diamonds Julius Caesar
  • King of Clubs : Alexander the Great
  • Queen of Spades : Pallas/ Athena
  • Queen of Hearts :Judith (biblical figure)
  • Queen of Diamonds :Rachel (biblical figure)
  • Queen of Clubs :Argine/ Regina
  • Jack of Spades :Ogier- a knight of Charlemagne
  • Jack of Hearts :La Hire (comrade-in-arms to Joan of Arc)
  • Jack of Diamonds : Hector (Greek Mythology)
  • Jack of Clubs :Lancelot or Judas Maccabeus
  • All The Cards Symbolizes different Things

All the cards have a different symbol on them.

  • Hearts- love, life and Valentine’s Day. 
  • Diamonds- money, power and wealth.
  • Clubs- birthdays, gardening, sports etc.
  • Spades -death or bad news because spades looks like a sword so it could mean death as well as sadness because of the black color which means darkness which is what sorrow feels like. The word for being sad in French also happens to be "la tristesse" which just happen to sound similar to one another (source).  

Today: In poker all face card rank higher than ten but lower than king; this ranking holds true regardless if playing with an international deck or not (source).


The sum of a pack playing cards plus a joker is 365. This is if you take King as 13, Queen as 12 and Jack as 11. Ace by name is number 1. And so you add up all the face cards and the number cards, the total comes out to be 365. Which is equal to the number of days in a year. The total number of cards is equal to the number of weeks in a year. So this is another symbolization.

Bicycle Cards Deck Had Secret Maps on Them

Bicycle card decks were used by soldiers in the Second World War. The soldiers had to wet the card to see the hidden maps and most of the times different cards had to be joined together to get the full map.

Ace of Spades Is the Most Powerful Card in the Deck

As previously mentioned ACE OF SPADES is the most powerful card but in symbolism it is considered very dangerous. This is why it was believed that the Viet Cong were superstitious of the card and ran away at the sight of the card as they though it would bring bad luck and death upon. This is the power of the ace of spades. This might have worked on some of the Viet Cong solders however this theory was later debunked.

The King of Hearts Is Known As the Suicide King

The king of heart is known as the suicide king because he hold his weapon at the back of the head and in some cases of bad design the , axe or the front of the weapon has completely disappeared which makes it show like the king has stabbed his back. He is also famous for another reason. He is the only king without a moustache.

ace of spades canvas

History of Ace of Spades

Even though there are 4 Kings in each deck of cards, none of them is as powerful as the Ace of Spades. The ace is a special card that can be used to win games. The Ace of Spades was also called the Chinese Number One which meant it had an additional value over any other card except a joker if one player chooses to use this extra wild card. In some cases, players have chosen not to reveal their hand until after has taken place so there are some variations for this rule (source).

The Ace of spades isn’t just used in playing card but also in fortune telling symbolism. IN French fortune telling, the ace of spades is a very dangerous as it means death or danger. It is a negative card in French fortune telling. The ace of spades was also used in military for many years to symbolize different things. This is also a reason the kind is considered strongest in the deck. In England it was made mandatory for the card manufacturers to stamp the ace of spades to show that the company had paid their taxes and what better way to show that but by stamping the highest card.

The Ace of Spades Has a Unique Design

The Ace of Spades canvas is very unique because the design on it is different depending on which company made them. In some cases, they will be printed with a flag from that country where they are being sold and in other cases may have cards designs for poker or blackjack. Some decks even have an image of a skull instead but there also isn’t any specific rule as to what this should look like if one chooses not to use jokers (source).

Today the Ace of Spade Is Used For More than Just Playing Cards

In modern times today, the ace of spades can be used for many things such as invitations or announcements at weddings or graduations as well as funeral messages. It has been known since the 16th century for its use in heraldry because it features the family's crest. The card can also be used as a calling card where one leaves them at their victim’s doorsteps to show that they are coming

The ace of spades is very powerful and has many uses so there are no limitations on how you choose to use this important design element which dates back centuries. It may have started out being used only by military but now people from all walks of life have learned how useful it really is.

ace of spades playing cards

Ace of Spades Is Such an Awesome Card That It Makes Great Canvas Art

The ace of spades is such an awesome card that it makes great ace of spades wall art. If you are looking for any type of ace of spade art, then look no further than MusaArtGallery. You might think that the ace of spades card has a unique design but it is still just a simple card. Well, at MusaArtgallery we have a range of different designs and styles for ace of spades cards then will make your wall look absolutely brilliant, check out our playing cards art collection.

All cards symbolize both positive and negative things. It’s the way you harness those powers. Even though ace of spades is associated with negative things in the past it also symbolizes positive things like strength and power so if you want to bring strength and power in your life and in your surrounding then what better way to do that by hanging ace of spades in canvases in your hosue.

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